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Invitation To Chris Brown(Graduation Party)

I would really like to invite Chris Brown to my daughters graduation party on June 15th. The party will be family and close friend but she as well as I would get a real pleasure in seeing Chris in person. Chris being from Virginia holds a special place in our heart as a performer, we know he will do well in anythings he does. All Chris would have to do is show up and say hello and not only will it put a big smile on her face but my face as well. Even if you can not make it Chris we understand and still support you in everything you do and enjoy every minute of your performances.

Thank you,
Vickie Ampy


I would love for Chris Brown to come to my daughter Graduation Party June 1st,2013. I know this is probably a waste of time but when she was born I gave her up for someone to raise and she is now 18years old. I would love to give her something special after what I did, I was still in her life but she been living with my cousin the person that's been raising her and giving her the party. I just want this special day for her from me, it is a private property with family and friends, just to take a couple of pictures and dance with her will be fine with me. She loves you so much and I know you here that a lot, but I really e\want this for her.