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Death Becomes Me~

I could hear the loud sounds of metal clanking behind me as it enclosed around me. The dim lit room becoming more constricted within seconds. I could see a small pathway begin to open up as one of the metal panels on the other side of the small room began to open up. My heart skipped a beat of relief and fear at the sight of it and frankly I wasn’t sure which one I felt more of.

All of this time wasted on simple instructions that turned out not to be so simple and I was finally about to see the final resting place of Anikka Moore. It’s unfortunate that her misfortunes are to my benefit but in the line of work I do everyone’s misfortunes are to my benefit so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to inhale a deep breath before entering the dark passage way only to feel myself suck in a huge amount of dust which caused me to start choking.

I couldn’t help but think how the person who sent me here ever found this place as I wheezed for air. This peculiar place isn’t an easy find but then again the person who sent me here is a peculiar person. My breathing began to go back to normal as I coughed up the rest of the dust and gazed once more at the passage way before going inside.

Before you can began to comprehend what is about to take place I first have to tell you about what led me here. I start off with the story of my first high profile case and lead you down the dark disturbing path that I’ve been on for the past year. If I didn’t think I had what it takes to be a good defensive attorney I damn sure know I do now.


Thanks for all the comments and runs I will try my best to have another add posted today.

Imma need Corderica to check her attitude! ! She outta order but I'm glad Nicole stood her ground now what's up with Christina?

Corderica got a problem....
I don't like her attitude
What happened to positivity and sunshine and rainbows ???


that sounds like me wen im stressed out...i wanna know what Christina gotta say thou?? Nicole got some balls...RUN it

Wassup with corderica
and I'm interested in this
case that has her all stressed

Run it

(Disclaimer: The only things about law are what the things I googled and the things i've seen off T.V so most of the stuff in this story will not be accurate. This was a lazy add but I'll try to either add more today or write more when I stop feeling lazy)

I can remember the how I got in the predicament very vividly; I was seated at my desk writing up an opening statement for my newest trial when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in” I shouted not bothering to look up at the door.

“Ms. Moore there is a Christina Mendoza outside to see you” I could hear my assistant Nicole say as she shuffled into my tiny office.

“Tell her that I am very busy today and that she can make an appointment to meet with me at a later date” I said in a monotone still not looking up at her.

I for the life of me couldn’t understand why Nicole would disturb me when she already knew I was busy. I rolled my eyes after I heard Nicole sigh and shut the door only for me to get startled by her taking a seat in the empty chair in front of my desk.

“Corderica I think it’s time that me and you should have a long overdue talk” Nicole stated in stern voice.

I shut my laptop feeling my face begin to heat up as I gave her the evilest look I could muster up the girl had simply lost her mind today and was about to get put back in her place.

“Before you say anything I need you to sit her and listen to everything I have to say first” Nicole said her voice beginning to crack.

I could tell her confidence was shot and that her nerves were beginning to kick in .“Fine go ahead” I said holding back the urge to defy what she requested.

“When I agreed to assist you in your cases we both agreed that would only be until we could bring in more cases” She said then pausing to make sure she had my full attention. “We now pull in enough cases to exceed the work of two people meaning not only should I be working on my own cases but we should be hiring more people, you keep calling me your assistant like this is my permanent placement and if you don’t get it through your head to start sharing the work then I’ll have to find work elsewhere” She said finding her confidence again.

I nodded and sighed “Then you meet with Ms. Mendoza and see what she wants if she willing to higher you then the case is yours” I said surprising her and myself.

I could see a look of joy spread across her face as she nodded and exited my office without another word. Part of me felt good about not being confrontational and the other part of me felt happy that I knew she was going to fall right on her face and go back to being my assistant and only my assistant as soon as she did so.

can't wait for Friday to get the first add!! This is going to be on some old Johnie Cochran "if the glove don't fit you must acquit" type thing lol

Ruuun It !

*Im new on here but I feel like this story gone be on it, FORREAL (:

shooooot, I'm hooked already! Run It pronto

I'm loving this already
I know this is about to be really good
Run it :)

I'm going to just post the story on here, I won't be doing a full add until Friday probably but I am going to post the intro/snippet of it.

Never been in anyone's story it would be kinda awesome if this was my first

Name: Corderica a.k.a CoCo

Age: 18

Personality: extremely outspoken, very maternal, stubborn, talkative, opinionated, caring, good listener, intelligent, non judgemental, musical, beyond goofy, and brutally honest

Lol that's kinda where I got the idea from and weirdly my art class inspired me also.

when i read it i was like oohh this gon be some law and order type of ishh

Hey! Wassup!
Im mad late like always
I run on my own time lol

Personality:funny goofy adventurous honest even if you don't like it outspoken to the max and can't keep a secret smart more street smart than book smart likes to be in control of every little part of my life independent in my mind I don't need anyone
Yes I have been in 1 or 2 of your stories before

Brief description of your personality:loud, outgoing but also like to just chill with my girls, goofball that's always making jokes or pulling pranks, life of the party, bad girl with the tendency to be good, DO NOT bite my tongue which sometimes is a problem because I say a lot of things without thinking, tomboyish but also lady like, when I want something I go get it
Have you ever been on one of my stories before:no

pic:: <a href=";_ylt=A0PDoS2RyztRvnwAweWJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?">Shelly</a>

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ive been good a lil busy

@KRcbreezy I'm probably going to make you the main character because you just gave me a bunch of new ideas for the story.

i like the story line so far

im a tattoo artist,
i think be a really good character for that one victim that is really hard to get to tell their story on the stands.
im passionate about my work and have a carefree view on life but i keep personal things to myself and dont let no one in
idk what else to put
and i havent been in anyone story

run it

I've been good just been really busy, wbu?

hey D!

how you been

Omg hey I haven't talked to both of you in forever

Name: Christina Mendoza
Age: 21

Personality: outspoken, trust issues, likes to have fun and goof around no matter where I am. And that's it lol.

And I think have been in a couple of your stories I don't remember which ones.

Name: Nallely

age: 22

People pleaser, trusting, smart, loves music, dancing, ummmm only child (idk what else to say)

if not all lol