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<em><strong>Birds robed in black do not give up our secrets easily. We love to watch people marvel over our messages. Black birds demand outsiders commitment to learning our wisdom, and do not reveal our meanings unless we are convinced they've devoted themselves completely to the path of understanding (both dark and light sides of) energy.</em></strong>


"Is that b**** serious?" <a href="">Sofia</a> asked drinking her green apple slush. "Dead. Like I'm not stupid. I know she been calling my phone and hanging up," <a href="">Bree</a> huffed rolling her eyes "What are we in middle school? she a grown ass woman playing on people phones." "That's what I told her, Soso." <a href="">Nani</a> and <a href="">Dany</a> came walking in greeting them. Nani sat next to Bree hugging her while Dany decided to sit in the love seat. "What y'all talking about?" Nani asked before plucking Bree's knee. "<a href="">Chyna</a>." "What that ratchet b**** do now?" "Everything, Dany," Sofia answered slurping her drink. "Look, we watch enough crime shows to make her s*** look like an accident," Nani joked playing around with her phone. "s***, we can get this poppin, Thuggie." "Danyell, is always down." They all laughed but then Bree became quiet; her mind was wondering. "I got a cousin that can get us some acid," Dany admitted still laughing. "What the f*** we gon do with acid?" "To burn that b**** fingerprints and s*** away, Soso. And you say you about that thug life." "Shut up, Nani. That ain't in the thug life hand book." "Ummm, yes it it, i wrote that s***. f*** YOU MEAN," Nani yelled playfully slapping Dany's hand.

"All this yelling I hear y'all better be talking about cupcakes!" "Ain't nobody giving you no damn cupcakes," Dany responded as <a href="">Ana</a> entered the living room. "It's cause I'm pregnant isn't it?" Ana pouted sitting on the other side of Bree then rubbed her swollen belly. "Somebody call Trey so he can bring her some cupcakes," Nani said slightly laughing, "Y'all remember what happen last time. She cried for an hour." Dany smirked, "I'll just leave like I did last time." "Like a BOSS," Sofia continued, "Nobody got time for your hormonal ass." "I know you not talking. Just two short months ago you was screaming at me, Dany and Bree cause your big head baby was 'ripping' you in half," Nani scoffed, "Speaking of him. Where is lil lil Shad?" "With lil Shad. He took him to his moms house."

"Why are you so quiet, Bree?" Nani asked finally placing her phone in her lap. "Just thinking." "Um, could you be a little less vague. You act like you talking to a stranger." "Thinking about Chyna ass." "Bree, don't stress over her," Dany chimed in. "I just want her to go the f*** away, man. Like, if he would've stayed his ass out the damn club and if she wouldn't have been the hoe she is I wouldn't have any of these issues. But, no." Nani and Ana rubbed her back to calm her down. Sofia pulled some tissue from her purse and handed it to Bree, only to have her hand swatted away by Bree. "Um b****, why the f*** would I want some tissue out of your purse? and plus, I'm not even crying just angry." "This is the purse I carry when I have Shane. We're all mothers here so, I know we carry tissue, wipes and other s*** in our purse instead of s*** for ourselves." "True s***. The other day I was looking for my lip stuff but I just kept pulling out Kingston's toys and stuff. I was so upset I threw one of his toys out the window." "Damn, Dany, I hope I don't ever throw my child's things out the window," Ana said laughing. "Trust, you will," Nani assured her, "Now back to Bree. Honey, its nothing we can do about her, It's not like we can actually kill her. We all have husbands and kids to think of and care for, we can't do that in jail." "It's not like it'd be the first time," Bree spoke staring at each of them. An eerie silence played as they all stared at each other then down towards the floor. "So, it's not like we can't y'all just grew up and turned into pussies," Bree spat trying to get them to react.


<strong>I was bored . . so sue me! lol. I'll probably only add IF I'm absolutely, positively bored. Oh and Lexxii would like to know if y'all wanna do chatzy tonight?


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he he no sex

Run it !

Aka she was f***ing trey lol

I was uhmm *fakes sleep*

naw but i was chilling with old friends
last night very interesting

Ana where tf were you anyway?! Lol

these hoes linked without me lol

ayyeee are you going to keep writing to this
i want to know if yall gon murder chyna
nani dany and soso is BEYOND crazy
aww preggy me lol MMMMM CUPCAKES

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We some damn murders man. I know it!
Fuh, who did we kill?
We some thug niggas, aint no shame.
Wht does Chyna's ass want?
Leave Bree alone man!
Aw, Ana all swollen and s***.
Her and her cupcake cravings. Haha
We about to commit another crime, i know it.

Run it

And in down if everyone else is.