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Fragments (Short Story)

Chapter One: Daily Routine

".....The past gets brighter while my future gets darker, so I'm always seeing fragments and puzzle pieces of reality" <a href="">Reece</a> said referring to his eyes. "You refer your eyes to be the past and future, what about the present?" the computerized therapist said. "I don't know, sometimes it's somewhere in between or barely there. Almost like a ripple in a lake; one minute it's there and then it's gone the next" Reece said.

"So in asking, do your choices reflect your 'darkened' future?" she asked again. "Can't say, most of the time I flirt with death just to see if I'm actually alive. Kinda like that 'Row Row Row Your Boat' song, life is but a dream." Reece said. "I'm impressed Reece. These past few sessions with you have gotten deeper and more personal." She said; "What do you think I should do?" Reece asked. "....Take some time off."

"Session Time #201976 in Conclusion. Thank you for your time, please schedule your next Therapy session before you leave." the computerized voice said. Reece sat up in the darkened booth and rubbed his temples; He grabbed his shades and slid them back on his face then checked out of his session.

<a href="">Gammage City</a>

Reece dug around into his pockets finding only one crummy cigarette left but no matches or lighters in his other pockets. "Tss, great..just what I needed." Reece said before walking into the mob filled sidewalk taking the Tube back home. The Tube pulled into the station as people were getting off or getting on; Reece sat down in the mid-stretch cab waiting for the Tube to take off. It slowly pulled out of the station making its way for the over head tunnel that was located over Gammage City.

<em>Gammage City Welcomes You; Temperature today is approximately 78 degrees with partly cloudly skies. Possible showers later on tonight continuing into tomorrow."<em>

Reece's phone buzzed in his hand, he hit the 'Receive' button and his familiar's text flew across his screen.

<em>"You still coming by? ;-)"<em>

Reece smirked before hitting her back with a quick text before sliding his phone back into his pocket as he was getting off of the Tube.

He arrived home a little afterwards crashing on the couch and flicked the T.V. on but nothing but old T.V shows and re-runs were on. Reece flicked the T.V off and sighed deeply. Today he was feeling completely down in the dumps; he'd hoped that his session would give him some comfort but left him to do more heavy thinking. He pulled his phone out and texted his regular.

<em> I'll be there in a minute.<em>

--Later That Day--

He could feel her legs tightening around his waist as he went deeper and deeper inside of her not paying attention to her breathless moans. "Right there....ssss...mmmm....right there..." she moaned letting Reece know he was hitting her spot. He continued to concentrate looking straight ahead at the wall before grabbing her left leg and placed it onto his shoulder giving him deeper access.

She let out a bellowing scream and gripped the headboard tight for the oncoming orgasm she was about to have. "Wait for me" he breathed out heavily; he placed her other leg onto his shoulder and pushed both of them up against the headboard. A few more thrusts and she climaxed, making a mess of her sheets in the process; Reece huffed and puffed before pulling out and collapsed on the empty spot of the bed. She got out of the bed grabbing the small drink she'd made from off of the nightstand and went into the bathroom. Reece threw the condom away and just laid there in the bed on his back watching the overhead ceiling fan. It was muggy and hot in the room and very little wind was helping to cool down Reece's sweaty body.

~15 minutes Later~

'What's the matter papa? You seem less chatty" <a href="
>she</a> called out from the bathroom. Reece was laying across the bed in only his boxers as he smoked his last cigarette. "Nothing..just not in the mood." Reece said; she came out of the bathroom in nothing but a flimsy nightrobe and a messy bun.

"Something on your mind that you care to share?" She sat up on her knees behind him and started to massage his shoulders. "(Sighs) I needed that 'Nita thanks" Reece said laying his head back against Nita's chest. Nita smirked; "I'm waiting." she said.

"Therapist wants me to take some time off nothing too big that's all." Reece said. "You going to do it?" Nita asked. "(Sighs) Don't know, Lord knows that I've needed a break for so long and now I don't seem to wanna take time off now." Reece said passing his cig to Nita. She took a drag before passing it back to Reece; "Papi you're still tense." Nita said referring to Reece's tensed up shoulder muscles. "Look..all I'm saying is that maybe you do need to get away from Gammage City for a while." Nita said.

"(Smirks) Where would I go?" Reece asked out loud. "I've heard stories that El Montago's a paradise there; no killings no nothing." Nita said. Reece flicked his ashes into the ashtray as Nita finished massaging his shoulders and laid across the bed. "I gotta get going 'Nita" Reece said picking up his pants; "So soon? You usually want a quickie before you go" Nita said. Reece said, "Not today Nita..maybe next time for a twofer" Reece smirked.

"You gonna be okay Reece, don't fret over it." Nita said giving Reece a kiss on the lips. "Mmm *Podría besar esos labios para siempre" Nita said; "Hey..english lol" Reece joked. Nita slapped him playfully on the chest, Reece pecked her on the lips before grabbing his shirt and shoes leaving out the door.

"You're forgetting something papa" Nita called out, Reece turned around and saw Nita with his keys on her finger. "Thanks." Reece said getting them from her; "Next time I'll have to make you work for your keys lol" Nita joked.

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When something gets broken, it's no longer the whole thing..just fragments. Sure you could fix it but the stage that it's in now will never be the same as it was before.

Reece is 24, a Space Cowboy aka Bounty Hunter living it up 'till the last Rodeo. Reece has Heterochromia iridum, his left eye's a light Hazel and his right eye's dark brown calling them his past and future. His eyes dictate his entire perspective on life.


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About an hour of being in hyperspace Reece had fallen into a deep sleep. He'd been contemplating on how Gren was taking the news since Mouse had spilled the beans to him already. Whatever the outcome may be Reece was going to go with the flow..whether Gren liked it or not. "Yo Reece" Mouse said through the intercom; "Present" Reece said slowly waking up. "Be aware man there's a meteor shower in process about 123 diameters coming from the direction where Saturn is so keep your eyes open." Mouse said. "123 Diameters? Mouse is this your way of sparking up some conversation 'cause if it is you're very poor at it." Reece said stretching.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry man I didn't know that you were gonna tell Gren." Mouse said; "I'm over it. Gren's not the problem it's this 'taking time off' thing that's getting to me" Reece said. "Why? I'd give to have a vacation, cleaning oil gutter's no paradise" Mouse said. "I can' least not right now." Reece said. "'s Nita?" Mouse asked; "Same. Nothing new" Reece answered. "I don't how you can be friends with a prostitute" Mouse said.

"I'm friends with a computer hacker/mechanic and may I remind him that I let him off easy because he wanted to do me a favor?" Reece said reminding Mouse. "My bad." "I'm over it already. Nita's not perfect which I don't expect her to be, I'm pretty much the only friend she's ever had. And apart from us fcking half the time she listens to me and I listen to her. Plus she gives good advice." Reece said with a smirk.

"..that sounded so soft right now Reece I'm not even kidding." Mouse said with a stifle. "And this is why I cannot talk to you about her, you think it's a fcking joke!" Reece said heated. "My--" "Yeah yeah I know your bad. By the way you didn't wash my baby like I told you to the last time." Reece said rolling his eyes.

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Reece stared blankly into the mirror closely at his eyes and for a minute he could've sworn that his right eye color had changed from dark brown to a medium brown. How was Reece ever to explain to his partner Gren that he was leaving on a temporary basis? Gren wouldn't like this at all but Reece had hope that he'd understand as Gren, at one time, was in the same position that Reece is in now. Broken. Confused.

Reece ran the water in the sink and splashed his face twice before turning the water back off. He dabbed off his face and cut the bathroom light off as he walked out. He dressed comfortably as the ride to the 'Round-Up' would be long and packed about a day's supply of food and water. Reece locked up his living quarters, hopped back onto the Tube where his baby 'Jaws' was waiting. Reece had had her for almost 10 good years and even though Gren had begged and pleaded him to get rid of that 'Rusty eyesore' as he called it, Reece refused.

Reece's stop was at the Hanger where Jaws and the local mechanic <a href="">Mouse</a> was waiting. "I almost didn't think you'd show up." Mouse said tossing the keys to Reece; "What makes you think that?" Reece said tossing his bag into the pilot's seat. "Cause word around is you're throwing in the towel." Mouse said; "Lemme guess, you've been snooping around into the computer system of my sessions again" Reece smirked. "Does Gren know?" he asked; "Nope, swear to you that I kept my mouth shut." Mouse said.

Reece looked into Mouse's face before smirking again, "You're lying." he said before climbing into the pilot seat. "How she runnin Mouse?" Reece asked; "Alright, just be careful with the damn fenders this time, last time was a special offer; I'll make you pay doubt amount if you fck it up lol." Mouse said. ".....don't get too pushy lol." Reece said before shutting close the lid. He started the engine bringing Jaws to life revving loudly at first before dying down with a low purr. "You missed me huh baby?" Reece said patting the dashboard; "You're set for takeoff Reece" Mouse said into the intercom. "Pilot Kensington31467 has gotten your response and is setting to take off." Reece said, he pulled on his leather fingerless gloves and began pulling out of the hanger.

Once that he'd received the message that the runway was clear Reece took off and up into the sky. "Takeoff was successful for Pilot Kensington31467 and is making the way towards the ole 'Roundup" Reece said.

"Destination to Roundup is approximately 32 hours. Proceed to go into Autopilot and we will track your ship" the computerized voice said. Reece hit the auto pilot button and kicked back into his seat resting his head back.

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