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New member ,new fanfic

Hi you guys! I'm August but Autty for short lol. I'm a new member but not a stranger. I've been a silent reader now for months so I decided to write my own story. It's going to be called "Age Isn't Anything But More Than A Number " . So I just would like you guys to show my fic some love and give me CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM if you may thanks.  -- Autty: )


lol well your sister truly has a gift ;0

Oh lord no that wasn't me at all, that was my twin sis. If only I could write something so good lol but ill let her know. Cant wait for your stories <3 <3 <3

ThanK's, so much I already feel the love ; ) be sure to tell your friends I love supporting others work as well ! BTW your Welcome to Hell: When Chris brown goes insane was a great piece of art, i hate that youre not continuing it :/

Hi, I'm Tramicia Jackson but u can call me TJ, Tram, or just J. Nice to meet you & welcome to the forum :)