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Team Breezy Day

There are a lot of artists that have national days for their fans. I think that Team Breezy really deserves one if anything. I mean we have stood by Chris through thick and thin. When he is being harrased or he is down we are there and that is a fact. It wouldn't hurt to have a day where we can all come together and celebrate us. The Team Breezy fan base is incredible and we deserve it. All I have to say is it's our time. I've tried to get this idea out to Chris many times but I don't know if he actually received it. But as Team Breezy tell me what you guys think. Reply if you agree, disagree, have any other ideas, whatever.. Thanks...!!!! :)


me too

Just to clear up this post, I'm not saying it like Chris owes us anything, i'm just saying that it would be good to take the time to celebrate us and Chris and take the time to remeber why we are who we are and celebrate our triumph because all we go through with Chris throughout the year or years.

I agree :)