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Fine China ++

This story is based off of Chris browns new single. Fine China! Enjoy.

<a href="">I</a>
sat at the radio station in Atlanta talking about my show that i was doing later on tonight and my new single Fine China. I was happy the world was starting to accept me once again. I know i messed up and Robyn forgived me. So im happy with that.

" So explain what your fans should be expecting tonight at the show" The radio personality said

" Well they should be expecting a fresh start. I got something different but im feeling like Im going back to the old me with a lil swing to it. Im never the type to brag much. Cause i can show better than i can tell" i said chuckling.

" Is Rhianna going to be at the show?"

"No she couldnt make it to this one. but she'll be there next week in menphis"

"So im going to ask what everybody beens wondering. Are you and Rihanna back as a couple?" he asked as i smilled. i was getting ready to answer as i look out the room in the hall and seen <a href="">her</a> walking pass. My eyes followed her as i studied her. I seen no beauty like her before. She caught and held grasp on my attention. I never had a female do that before, She caught me staring and turned herself to the window where she smiled at me. I smirked and nodded at her as she turned and walked away. I found myself still staring at the window hoping that she come back as i got interrupted from my thoughts.

" Chris, Chris, Chris. Yo wassup man, you gonna answer my question"

" Awe yea man. i dazed out for a min. But uhh, Rihanna and i" i started to say looing out the window once again " We ughh we together. everything is good. Just like <strong>Fine China</strong>


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