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The Truth (of what I think) About Chris Brown (& I could be totally wrong)

I think people bash you more than you deserve. I think deep down you are a man of honor, but you've been tainted by fame. I think you're a strong amazing man, but nobody knows (really knows) the struggle to get to where you've gotten. Yes, I'm jealous because Rihanna and you are back together, but if that's what you want lol, then go for it. I'm happy to say the least. I don't know what all of you celebs are up to, not that I care much, but I just hope you all know what you're doing and that it's a great choice for yourselves and for the ones that look up to you guys. Sometimes we over look the ones that really appreciate us because we're so desynthesized to what true loyalty means since we've been bamboozled so much. I just want to say you're amazing. An amazing man. I don't know if you've been completely brainwashed, but if there is a bit of that amazing Chris Brown human part left of you... You stay encouraged and fight the good fight.