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Eye Of The Beholder (Short Story)

Danyell is back with a short story for you all loves. Comment and feedback is appreciated, even a simple bumps.


First of all, this is a short story, I have no intentions on making it any longer. I must give credit to one in particular post on Tumblr that inspired this short story. So here it goes.

"Look at her for instance, she has no sense of style whatsoever." I heard someone say as I walked by a group of girls. I kept my head down as I approached my locker, looking up to unlock the lock. Thirty-four left, twenty-two right, thirteen left I repeated silently to myself. Finally getting it open, I reached for the books for my morning classes. Holding them in my arms I shut my locker, reaching for my book bag that clung on my shoulder. I stuck my books in it and continued on my way down the hallway where people continued to say things about me. Walking into my first period English class, I took my rightful seat by the window. Fifth row, fourth desk down. I looked out the window admiring the beauty that the month of October had brought us. The golden orange leaves blanketed the ground as yellow and red ones added some life to the orange. It was a sea of autumn in which I admired profoundly. "How are you today <a href="">Yaheida</a>?" Questioned Mrs. Mathews bringing me back to the world around me. I pushed my glasses up farther on my face, "i'm good." I said quietly knowing the response that came out of my mouth was a lie. Mrs. Mathews smiled at me, "you're going to love the assignment we're doing in class today." I smiled and slouched in my seat a little, pulling my sleeves over my hands. The bell rang, signaling for everyone to get to class, I watched as the once empty class room quickly began to fill up.

I sat back and stared out the window as Mrs. Mathews voice boomed off the walls, explaining what our assignment was. "So we're going to be drawing out from a hat." She explained, shaking the hat. I turned my head towards the front of the classroom as my eyes wandered the room. Half the people in this class were here just to get their final credits to graduate while the other half still used school as a crutch not to get yelled at by their parents to get a job. As my eyes wandered, they fell upon that group. That one <a href="">group</a> that has always been together, ever since we were in elementary school. <a href="">Tyler</a>, <a href="">Dion</a>, <a href="">Sean</a>, and <a href="">Jonah</a>. Every girl crushed on them and every guy wanted to be cool with them, they were 'those' guys. I looked away as Sean glanced at me, getting the attention of his boys and nodded over to me where they all looked and laughed, all except for Jonah who slightly smiled at the joke that was aimed towards me. I pulled my sleeves over my hands and folded my arms across my chest slouching further in my seat.

I watched as Mrs. Mathews walked down the rows stopping at everyone's desk, making sure everyone had a slip. She stopped at their group and waited until they all had a slip reminding them not to open it until instructed. Finally making it to my row and passed the kids before me, she smiled down at me. I looked into the hat at the three names left, only lord knew who's names they were, but soon I would have one. I sat back and reached into the hat, grasping a little paper and holding it between my fingers. "Okay, so on the count of three I want you all to open your papers to where only you see the name. I don't want any of you to share the person you got, understand?" Everyone nodded as she smiled and counted to three. I slowly unfolded my paper revealing the name, Jonah Brown, I read in my head. I stared at it one last time before stuffing it into my pocket. Various 'oh man' and 'aw's' filled the class revealing that it wasnt obviously their choice. "Quiet down class! Now that you know the name of your person, you will study them and their actions from a far for a whole week and write a poem on that person. We will present them and then say who they are." Just as she finished on that note, the bell rang letting us out for our next period.