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<a href="">Kimberly and her daughter Violet</a> pulled up to their <a href="">home</a> in Tappahannock, VA.

"i gotta pee mommy!" violet spoke in the back seat as kimberly parked in the drive way.
"okay, we're almost there" kim said rushing out the car and getting violet out the back.

Kim rushed her daughter into her house and to the bathroom so she wouldn't pee on herself.

"i'm using the potty mommy!" violet said as she held herself up on the toilet.
"yeah, you're a big girl now" kim said squatting down and helping violet clean herself and flush the toilet."you want some ice cream?" she asked her daughter.
"yeah!" violet said excitedly as she ran out the bathroom and into the kitchen.

"you forgot something!" kim called out as violet came back and stepped up on her little step ladder to wash her hands."good now you can go" she said as she watched her daughter run right back out the bathroom.

Kimberly walked out to the kitchen and seen violet climbing into her own booster seat waiting for her ice cream.

"i want chocolate" violet told her mom.
"you sure?" kim asked as violet nodded."you don't want vanilla?" she asked messing with her.
"nooooo, i don't like manilla" violet said as kim laughed.
"okay, chocolate it is" she said pulling the ice cream on the freezer and grabbing a bowl from the dish rack.

Kim put the ice cream in front of violet as her phone went off indicated she had a text message. She looked at her phone to see 'Babe' on the screen.

<em>Babe: I'll be home soon ;)</em>

Kim simply put her phone back down on the table and walked over to the TV and turned it on. As it came on she heard a voice she was very familiar with.

"Daddy!" violet shouted seeing <a href="">him</a> on the screen.
"yuup, thats daddy" kim spoke as he and his interviewer went on to talk about his relationship with rihanna and karruche.

"i'm doing me man, thats all i can say" he said with a laugh. Kimberly rolled her eyes and changed the channel. She looked down at the wedding ring that was sitting pretty on her left hand and turned her attention back to her daughter.

"kimberly!" she heard her name being called and the front door closing.
"hey momma i'm in the kitchen!" kim called out.
"hey hows my pretty grand baby doing?" <a href="">momma J</a> asked walking in.
"good" violet answered with chocolate ice cream all over her mouth.

"how are you?" joyce asked kim.
"could be better" she answered honestly.
"whats on your mind?" she asked.
"this makes no sense to me.." she spoke but was cut off when she heard the door open and seen chris walking in.

"DADDY!" violet screamed as she practically jumped out of her chair and ran into chris's arms.
"how daddy's little girl?" he asked.
"good" she answered."mommy gave me chocolate ice cream" she told him.
"i can see that" he said looking at the mess on her face.

"hey momma" chris said kissing his mom on the check and looking over at kim who clearly was upset."momma can you take violet outside for a minute?" he asked.
"of course" she said grabbing her and taking her outside.

"hey bae" he said trying to kiss her but she moved her face."whats wrong?" he asked.
"don't play stupid chris" she spoke walking away from he grabbed her hand.
"can you talk to, please?" he asked.
"this isn't right chris" she spoke.
"i told you, in time it will all come out" he told her.
"and i'm supposed to wait around while you're playing house with these two other b****es?" she asked.

"kim you need to relax its just for PR, i don't love anybody but you, thats why i made you my wife" he said looking down at the ring on her finger."now can i get a kiss or something?" he asked.

Kim looked up at him and felt his sincerity but she didn't feel completely satisfied.

"come on" he said making her smile a little bit."don't make me beg because i will" he said.
"you lucky i love you" she said standing on her tip toes and pecking his lips.

(this will most likely be a short story but usually my short stories become long ones so who knows. *i got to many stories up here lol*)


run it

run it

he aint gotta be calling her babe and stuff for no PR purposes.. i bet that is so aggravating..being with Chris and nobody can know abt it..RUN IT

run it!


Run it


Just as quick as Chris came home to his wife and kid he left again. He was out in LA for the BET Experience weekend and getting ready for the BET Awards performance. Kim sat behind the computer screen watching a live stream of the all star celeb basketball game that chris was playing in.

Kim would shout and get excited every time chris shot and made a basket.

"mommy your too loud" violet said from the living room as she tried to watch her cartoons.
"i'm sorry" kim laughed.

The game had a half time show and brought out a band from a High School in Compton. As the band played the camera's scanned across the crowd and she seen chris sitting next to Karruche who was rubbing his head. She chewed on the side of her bottom lip and looked down.

Like clock work almost as if chris could sense when kim's mood changed he called her. She picked up the phone and swiped her finger across the screen to answer it.

"the game isn't over yet" she answered.
"you watching the stream?" he asked.
"yuup, you're killing them" she said with a smile."wassup?" she asked.
"just wanted to make sure you're okay" he spoke.
"i'm fine" she said.
"i'm not buying it, it sounds like something is on your mind" he responded.

"i just wish i could be out there with you" she told him.
"i wish you were here too i really do but....hold on" he said making her suck her teeth.

"i'm on the phone babe, yeah i'll be there in a minute" chris spoke to who kim guess was karruche."hello?" he said bring the phone back to his ear.
"so you calling her babe now?" kim asked.
"it's not like that kim, how many times do we have to have this conversation?" he asked her.

"until it makes sense because to me this seems really f***ing stupid" she said getting aggravated.
"it's for my PR babe why are you tripping, you already knew this" she spoke.
"i just don't see why you have to be hugged up with these other girls calling them babe and s***" kim said.
"its all part of the game" he responded."i love you Kimberly" he added trying to lighten up the situation.

"i guess i love you" she said with a smirk.
"you guess?" he asked.
"you know i love you" she said.
"good now stop worrying yourself, i gotta go" he told her.
"bye baby" she said.
"bye" he spoke as they both hung.

"where is chris brown, he is literally missing right now" one of the commentators said at the game.
"oh there he goes" the other guy said as chris ran right back into the game.

Kimberly tried not to think about chris's PR issue and tried to focus on the good but at the moment there was literally nothing good in their relationship at the moment. Her phone rang a few minutes later and it was her best friend gia, the only person besides chris's family who knows about everything.

"wassup baaaaaby!" kim picked up.
"what the hell are you doing tonight!?!" gia asked.
"mommy duty, you know this" kim answered.
"kimmy can't you get momma j to baby sit, it's my birthday weekend" gia begged.
"i ask that woman for everything gia" kim said.
"pleaseeeeeeeee Kimberly" she begged.

"fine but is she says no you're s*** outta luck" kim told her.
"she won't say no, the word no is not in that woman's vocabulary" gia spoke.
"thats because she's nice unlike you" kim responded.
"whatever just go ask and if she does just so happen to say no, i'll just come to your house and turn up there" gia said.

"oh no, we can't have that" kim laughed."i will talk to momma" kim added.
"alright, talk to you later" gia said.
"bye bye" kim said hanging up.

Kimberly finished watching the game to see chris's team win 49 to 43. She turned of her laptop and put the screen down. She dialed Momma J's number and waited for her to pick up.

"hey angel, whats up?" she picked up.
"hi momma, you know i hate to bother you but do you think you can watch violet tonight?" kim asked.
"of course, you don't even have to ask" momma said.
"thanks momma it's my friend's birthday and she's forcing me to go out with her" kim explained.

"you need to get out more, it's not good to be stuck in the house all the time" momma j spoke.
"i know momma, thank you" kim said.
"anyime, bring her buy whenever you're ready" she said.
"okay, see you late" kim spoke.
"bye angel" she said as they hung up.

"guess who's going to grandma's house later!" kim said standing up.
"yayyyyy! grandma" violet said excitedly she loved speeding time with momma j, probably because she got whatever she wanted there.

Kimberly texted gia to tell her the good news snd gia texted back where they were going and what time they were going to meet. Kim got violet ready to spend the night at momma j's house and then pulled out what she was going to where tonight.

"you ready?" kim asked violet.
"yuup" violet answered as she hopped off the couch and met her at the door.
"alright lets go to grandma's house" kim said opening the door and walking out with violet.

When they got to momma j's house joyce opened the door before kim could even get violet out the back seat.

"hey little angel" momma j said said to violet who ran and giggled her way into joyce's arms.
"thanks again momma" kim said handing her violets bags.
"anytime angel, you just have fun tonight okay?" she spoke.
"i will, bye Vee" kim said to violet kissing her on the cheek.
"bye bye mommy" violet said as kim walked back to her car and got in.

She pulled off wave at her daughter and joyce who were waving back at her. By this time it was 8 O'clock and kim had to get back home and start getting ready. When she got in the house she went straight to the shower. When she got out she lotioned up, did her hair and got dressed.

She looked at herself in the mirror and decided to take a picture and send to Chris cause she felt a little sexy.

<em>for you</em> she <a href="">sent</a> to him.

She looked at the time on her phone and noticed she got to meet gia out side the club in about 30 minutes and it was gonna take her 30 minutes to get there. She grabbed her phone, keys and purse and headed out the door and rushed into her car.

As she drove to the club her cell phone rang and it was chris. She picked it up, put it on speaker and sat the phone the passenger seat.

"hey babe" she answered.
"where are you headed looking sexy as hell?" he asked.
"gia wanted me to meet her at XU club for her birthday" she answered.
"well have fun, but not to much fun" he said as kim laughed."and no drinking and driving, okay?" he said.
"okay, daddy" she said giggling.
"you know i love when you call me daddy babe" he said in a seductive voice making kim get hot really quick.

"well maybe you should get home soon so i can give my daddy something special" she spoke."but right now i gotta go" she added.
"you are a tease" he laughed.
"i try" kim said joking.
"call me when you get home" he said.
"will do, love you" she spoke.
"love you too" he said hanging up.

Kim finally made to the club a few moments later and parked her car. She walked to the front of the club to see gia waiting for her.

"about damn time" <a href="">gia</a> said as kim walked up.
"shut up, you better be luck i'm here" kim said as they linked arms and walked towards the door by passing the whole line.

"thanks jay" gia said to the bouncer who let them in.
"no problem, happy birthday" he said to her.
"thanks she said turning sound to smile at him."he don't know it yet but he gonna be mine" gia said to kim and they both laughed.

run it

run it!

Run it i like

Run It sug I like it so far!

run it

RUN IT, it's good...I really like the vibe of the story

run it!!

run it!

for the story

This is good !!
Run it!!

Let me know if you need a best friend or something !!