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Chris Brown - FAME Album Cover

Chris Brown - "F.A.M.E." Album Cover
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Brezzy is BACK! Graffiti album was sh**,and F.A.M.E. is apsolutley his comeback!!!Few different styles of songs is deffinitley good choice! Great job CB!:) Please come to Serbia!!!:)

love u chris
BTW i'm new here , i'd like to have some new friends here ^_^

The Graffity is perfect my Man, love it Keep it up Bro love uuuuuuuuuuu

Chris I love you! Fuc- GMA!

awesome! im buying it!

Yo this cover is craaaaaaaAAAAaaazy.... love the hidden

i like everything about it except that chris looks a bit BIG they should have photoshopped it better or actually used him!

~i luv the cover it look artistist! but yhur face in the middle look weird! still luv yhu baby! mwah

This album will be very mad. Hey Brezzy

Diz Cover Go Harrrddddddddd!!!!=)))))