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4 u gurl

Posted by x__Colton__x


dang boi that iz a bomb pic right there lol hit me up

u look like a goddes

Chris Breezy

!^*♥ ! LOv3 ChR!$ BrOwN !^*♥

fukkn hell baby, u hot, where u from???? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so hot but u dont look like C.B
good try tho
xxxx mwah lush

You is fine as hell wit a body to match. I ain't seeing a chris look-a-like but I am seeing a sexy! Hit me up

CBs baby gurl!

OMFG u look damn fine what da hell

Bu$tit ch!ck

aww u so fine

add me as a friend
♥ Tawanna ♥

i dont think u look like chris but u r sooo fine !!!!

I didn't really click on your pic 2 c if u looked like CB, i clicked on it 2 c your body. lol