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Chris Brown @ Amsterdam Paradiso! 10-03-08


Chris Brown Performing " With You ".
Lucky girl that got picked out of the audience got kissed and hugged by him !

Posted by DemellSza


OMG that girl is sooo lucky!!! i wud fukin have a heart attack if i got hugged chris brown OMG !!!!<3

neva washed again thats so f***in nasty and b****es dont be jealous congradulate the girl "girl u go shyt u doin the damn thang if u got hugged my chris mf brown " u go but soon it'll be me mane ya'll hoes can't hate on her cuz she got lucky enough to get a hug from him and u hoes sittin at home wishn and dreaming the difference is she went for it she didnt sit at home wishing hoping and dreaming he sho'll in the helll aint gone come to u and if u want to meet him do sumthn about it shytd get off ya ass waitn on him to come to yall news flash "yall asses gne be waitn" imma do somthn about it i aint gne be dumb and dream my whole life imma do waht she did and hoes quit hating on ha

Lucky COW!!!!!!!!!

OMG i would have died right then sooooo hotttttt

Oh My Gosh! I'm jelous Oh I'm mad now but not literally- just playing I wish I was her because I would crazy- I mean crazy! Ahhhh I lov u Chris Brown! Yea I wanna hug 2! Not just her & I wanna kiss 4rm u! ooh baby!

whu da hell iz dat b**** i waz supposed 2 be up there like wat da hell f*** her blah blah blah

Why was she there not me i know he was thinkin of me while huggin her

***Chris, I love ya like a fat kid loves cake***

thats probably the luckiest girl in the freakn world
i am soooooooooooooooooooo jealous

thats girls my idol hahaha

oooohhh i love chris brown

Girl u right i would neva wash either.