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  • congratulations!
    you deserve it!
    your fans love and support you and this award should be proof of that!
    : ]

  • in order to make great music that people can relate to you as an artist and a person have to go through a storm.
    i think you been through a mighty one, and I know you've came out the other end stronger and better then you went in.
    : ]

    p.s. there comes a point in life that you need to get on some more ish and i love the new ish you on!!
    : ]

  • Voto: 

    this cd is the soundtrack of my life as a 17 year old.
    thank you for sharing your helped me get through some tearful dark nights.
    it help put a smile on my face.
    it helped me get through a rough break up.
    it helped me get ready to have a good time.
    it helped with a lot.
    it helped me.
    : ]
    thank you!

  • i love this video!
    they need to make a song together.
    : ]