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  • Hell naw! Lmao

  • 2010

    OMGGG!!!! I haven't been on here in like 3 and a half years!!! EVERYTHING IS SO DIFFERENT!!!!

  • beyonce

    all the single ladies if he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it don't be mad if you see that he want it whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh

  • all mine

    that body of his is all mine so bagup ladies!!!!!

  • this christmas

    this was my CHRIS-tmas gift last year! lol

  • lil chris

    he was cute den but sexy now!lol

  • mama's b-day

    Today is mi mom's 1 in a lifetime 50TH birthday! i cooked her breakfast this morning. we had pancakes sausages and eggs. yall know i can cook! lol

  • wat u shoud kno bout me!

    i was born 1995 December 23.
    im a capricorn.
    i love to eat, laugh,take pictures,smile,sing,dance,step,and act
    im very clever,cute,outgoing,flirty,sensitive,romantic and funny
    im a huge chris brown fan.
    and hope to be in show buisness one day.

  • i can't believe my future boo going out with an older woman and not tell me!

  • haters

    I love havin b****es hatin on me. because the they hate the more powerful and appreciated i feel. so don't stop hatas from hatin enjoy it and just laugh at them. cuz dats exaly wat im doin right b****ez gone hate u make me feel great! me and chris just chillin lovin the attention!lol latas.