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  • in so many relationships & lives,the passion for others is taken out by our judgmental tendencies,we lose the people of our dreams because we judged,at times our judgements are not even true,our facts may even be false,it's painful because this huge wheel of blame spins day in day out,it simply goes down to the fact that we shud just forgive & move on or we risk causing more pain or end up on the wrong side having judged an innocent man,u've been crucified thousands of times bro,for stuff that you might even be regretting,stuff that you didn't call into being,stuff u did because of the situati

  • booooooooy,am so proud of you,thru all,you've managed to keep your head high,your shoulders up,I love you Chris,you're destined for greater things in life man,keep doing what you do best,believing in your own self,they may try to put Graffiti on your wall,Judge you coz of your past,terrorise you for your talent,but whenever they make you fall crawl again,sum up the energy to walk & you shall fly again,Luv u man!!!!!!!!!!!!!