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~*~+:Beauty and the Nerd:+~*~

**Monica was a beautiful, talented, popular girl at Jefferson High, not to mention she was the head cheer leader of the varsity team with ur obvious stereotypical football player boyfriend. and Chris? Chris on the other hand was a straight NERD. he dressed like one, was the nerdyst skool mascot, acted like one, breathed like one, talked like one, and had EVERY detail of one...i mean the wardrobe..tight pants rolled up, knee high socks with the plaid shirt that is the definition of fitted, suspenders, the bifocal glasses that ur eyebrows n cheeks n c thru, the faded hair cut that he looks like he did himself…DAMN! and all u can feel is pity for him because of how everyone treats him! copy his homework, steal his lunch money, play monkey in the middle with his books, trip him, even pull pranks on him..he was just a mess…
well…it was senior year and everything had been the same since 9th grade during 6th period…the cheerleaders had practice, the football players did the same and chris? Well..chris was the cheer mascot so would just sit on the bleechers and watch both practices and was always there wen help was needed…**

CHEERLEADERS: knock em down! Roll around! Come on defense work! *practicing moves with it*

FOOTBALL PLAYERS: wooooo!!!!!! damn monica!!!!! u got cakes girl!!!!!! lemme c u fly up one more time…i dont think you got up quite high enuf~ *messing wit her just to see it again*

AARON[monicas boyfriend who is captain of the football team]: *yelling* a niggas shut the f*** up dont b talkn to monica like that yall stupid?? *says low key*that’s my b****..

MONICA: ok grls go ahead and take a break b bak in 5min *all the grls take a water break so the football players decide to do the same*

AARON: a waterboy!!!!!*talking to chris who was on the bleechers* bring us some gatorade! we thirsty lil nigga!

CHRIS: ok im coming…

ONE OF THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS: ok im coming! *imitating chris in a girly voice*

MONICA: nigga shut up he didnt even sound like that so leave him alone….n wtf yall getting water for yall aint did s*** this whole time *getting frustrated because of how theyre always treating chris*

THE SAME FBP: a trick u got one more time to b cutin in this grown man biniss n ima f--- *aaron stops him b4 he says anything else*
AARON: don’t even trip man, ima handle her ass later…*grabs her ass* literally my nigga u feel me

CHRIS: here go your gatorade

AARON: thanx fag u only 5 min late..

CHRIS: im sry, the tub of gatorade in the frige wasnt cold enuf so i had to put some ice --*cutting off chris*

AARON: just shut the f*** up don’t know body care lil nigga

MONICA: *not liking the way the still treat chris so comes up next to him n whispers in his ear* just think of that as a thank u…youll have to excuse him hes on his period this YEAR *both monica n chris start to laugh*

MARVIN[Aarons best friend]: wut the f*** yall over there whisperin n s***


MARVIN: man wutever can we just get bak to practice b4 yo grl get on my nerves too

AARON: yeah lets go…*yelling to the whole team* iight everybody on the field lets go! *then turns to give monica the look that only she knew and knew it wasnt a good one b4 running back on the field as monica looks bak at him then turns away giving chris back her attention*

CHRIS: *nervously saying to monica because of his crush on her since middle school* thank you…

MONICA: hahahah dont even worry about it hun, i got ur bak *gives him a smile that made him put on a cool aid smile as she walkd away to get back to practice*

CHRIS: *saying to himself* she called me hun…*BAM!!!!*

*a football player “accidentally” rams into him while trying to catch the ball*

tell me wut u think so far!


Monica Needs to BEat jasmine ASS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb b****

run it

Jasmine needs to die already !

run it!!!

*heavy sigh* Well....the f****n Dr is crazy
I know he is doing his job atleast he should allow Chris and Mo to see their kids
Mo should tell everyone about the formula......grrr
That b**** is crazy as s***....
Mo did a stupid thing by drinking i hope she stops doing that cause they'll blame her for putting the kids in danger.
*screams with anger*



Monica: ..they..they didnt wake up..she said they did everything they could to wake the twins up but neither of them would. They carried them, rocked them, then when they noticed they were limp with no movement they shook em..nothing Chris..then they noticed that their breathing.. *stopped to try to keep herself from crying but it wasnt working..* their breathing wasnt normal babe.. *looked up at him with worry and hope in her eyes, as if she was begging him to make things better. He took her in his arms and held her as tears flowed down her face, continueing to tell him what her mom explained to her* ...they immediately rushed them to emergency, and their breathing slowed more and more by the minute..

Chris: *held her tight and closed his eyes as a tear escaped from his eye. He couldnt believe what he was hearing* their at the hospital now??

Monica: *nodded her head yes, he felt her response on his chest* ..their doing one knows what it couldve been..

Chris: *shook his head* they were fine last night when we left..

Monica: baby.. *looked up into his eyes* im scared... what if they dont make it..what--what--those are my everyt--

Chris: shhhhh *calming her down before she broke down again* no what ifs babe..i know your daddy taught u better than that. Pray. We just gotta pray, okay? Trust that God can make it work... *kisses her forehead* come on..lets go to the hospital to see whats going on..

*They left to head to the hospital arriving there in no time. They saw everyone in the waiting room, worried, scared, stressed, confused, crying. Both Chris and Monica's parents were there, including Brittney and her parents. When they saw Monica and Chris arrive, they all stood and M.M and C.M ran over crying to hug the two, apologizing like crazy*

M.M: *hugging monica* im so sorry baby..i dont know what happened..they were fine when i put them down to sleep..

Monica: *trying her best to stay calm, and trust God with everything* its okay mama..just-- *close her eyes and takes a deep breath* what--what happend?

M.M: i dont know..we got to the house, and they started fussing because it was late and so we gave shook up some formula for them and they fell asleep..from there..i--i dont know what happened...

Monica: *stood there unable to figure it out. They all sat down in chairs, as Monica walked back and fourth trying to think. All the baby formulas on the counter are up to date, none of them begin to expire for another couple of months, if not, next year. She couldnt figure it out until it hit her, the baby formula Jasmine gave them. But she thought she threw it away. There was only one way to find out, and there was only one answer to the question.* mama??

M.M: *looking over at her* yeah?

Monica: which formula did you use??

M.M: the yellow infamil formula on the counter why?

Monica: *hoped she wouldnt say that. That was the one Jasmine gave them. They didnt use infamil, they used similac brand. Monica closed her eyes and rested her forehead on her hand as tears dropped down one at a time trying to understand what was going on. She still didnt know she missed the trash can when she attempted to throw it away, so this was all a blur to her*

M.M: why baby??

Monica: *shook her head, unsure how to explain. Just then a doctor came out of the room they had the twins in, approaching the worried family with a less than happy look on his face.*

*Everyone stood up to greet the doctor as he approached*

Dr.: *looking at Monica's parents* the parents of Jordan and Jade Brown?

M.D: no..grandparents..their the parents *pointing at Monica and Chris who were standing right next to them*

Dr.: *when he saw that they were younger parents, he became slightly even more upset* Mr. and Mrs. Brown?

Chris and Monica: *even though they werent married just yet they responded* yes?

Dr.: if you dont mind me asking, although it is required in this situation, do either of you do drugs?

Everyone: what???

Dr.: *stood there waiting for an answer before adding..* have either of you recently done drugs to the point you may have been out of your normal state of mind to have given the twins drugs as well???

Everyone: *now offended and confused* what???!!!

Dr.: have you????

Monica: *looks at Chris like this doctor was crazy* no Dr...i would never give my babies drugs..what--what--where is this coming from???

Dr.: *looks at the couple still uneasy and upset* it seems though we found crack cocaine and 3 other type of dry, powdered drugs in both twins system. Drugs that couldve been easily mistaken for, what you claim to have fed them, baby formula. We did find baby formula in their system as well, but found more of the drugs mixed in, which caused them to fall into a deep sleep, almost a coma. Because we were able to stablize their breathing pattern just in time, they did not fall into that coma, but they are having slight breathing troubles. Now, the drugs we found would not usually effect an adult with these effects, but because they are still considered infants, they were largely effected. The drugs not only caused them to fall into a coma like sleep, but also compressed their lungs, causing their breathing to slow little by little. They are currently on a breathing machine, fortunately gaining momentum back in their breathing pattern back on their own but we still want to keep them for tests.

*Everyone stood there in shock unable to believe what they were hearing. Drugs??? This was just rediculous to everyone, but to Monica, it made perfect sense now. It had to be the formula. She stood there, with no expression on her face before finally asking*

Monica: can we see them??

Dr.: *not really wanting her to see the twins, suspicious of what type of mother she really was to these children* not until testing is done with, which may be another 4-5 hours..

Monica: *catching on that the dr. doesnt really like her or chris* thats fine..

Dr.: *staying professional, trying not to judge* you can come back at those times and see them, yes..

Monica: thank you... *the doctor walked away and Monica left without saying a word to anyone. She was angry. Furious. As well as depressed. How could she allow something like this to happen to her babies. She was hurt. She..needed a drink. Her and Chris got in the car and headed back to the hotel.*

*In the lobby, heading up to their room*

Monica: ill meet you up there in a little bit..

Chris: what? where you going??

Monica: in here for a bit.. *walking towards the sports bar*

Chris: dont drink mo..

Monica: ill meet you up there..

Chris: please dont drink monica..

Monica: *ignorning him, walking away*

*Just like Chris had guessed, Monica drank. She downed everything and anything the bar would allow her to have. They didnt care how much she was drinking, all they knew was that they have made over $400 off of this crazy woman all day and they werent going to stop their cash flow now*

Chris: *noticing it was starting to get late and Monica still wasnt back, so he decided to go down to the bar and make sure everything was okay*

**down at the bar**

Monica: *talking to the bar tender* another bottle of smirnoff, and 5 more shots please...

Bartender: coming right up

Chris: *spotted Monica sitting at the bar, downing shots like crazy* baby... *sitting next to her*

Monica: *drunk, turns and looks at him* oh heyyy babe... *laughs* what are you doing here?? you want a drink?? *drinks some of the smirnoff she just ordered then hands the bottle over to Chris, but he doesnt take it*

Chris: come on lets go..

Monica: what? why? where? where are we going??

Chris: back up to the hotel room..come on.. *taking her arm*

Monica: awwwww alreadddyyy???

Chris: *getting frustrated* come on

Monica: okay one more drink

Chris: no come on! now

Monica: *getting mad, pulling her arm away* fine! sh*t! *she puts the bottle down and jumps off of the seat, stumbling off towards the elevators*

*They make it to the room, and Chris is mad*

Chris: *closing the door behind him* why do you do that??

Monica: *drunk and annoyed that Chris made her leave the bar early. She hasnt drank since her and Chris decided to help eachother improve* do what????

Chris: drink your problems away..

Monica: because it..feels good..

Chris: you cant always drink your problems away mo..

Monica: and why not..its been working thus far! *laughs and collapses on the bed*

Chris: because its selfish mo..

Monica: *sits her head up, and looks at Chris, offended* selfish???you wanna talk about selfish mr. i date any female who claims to want me..????!!!!!

Chris: what are you talking about??? where is this coming from????

Monica: this is all jasmines doing Chris!!!!!!! all of it and you need to know that!! if it wasnt for you dating that dumb b*tch in the first place none of this would be happening!!!!!

Chris: oh so this is all my fault now???

Monica: ugh *heavy sigh, laying back down on the bed*

Chris: so since you wanna bring up the past, you should love the fact that our babies are in the hospital!! i mean its just a step closer to what you wanted to do to them before they were even born! i recall..oh whats that thing? oh..ABORTION!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica: *getting off the bed pissed* f*ck you Chris..

Chris: *sarcasticly but pissed* we already did that..

Monica: *comeback* yeah and so did she

Chris: why do you keep bringing her up??!!!??!!

Monica: because shes a dumb crazy b*tch Chris!!!!!! shes trying to kill our children just to get you back or get revenge on me for WHATEVER it was i did to her!!!!

Chris: *stood there speechless, knowing it was true*

Monica: *walking away towards the door*

Chris: where are you going??

Monica: back to the bar, you killed my buzz...

Chris: *grabbing her arm* no your not..

Monica: *trying to pull it away* yes, i am..

Chris: monica..

Monica: what.

Chris: your not leaving this room, our children are in the hospital and you wanna go drink?? what is wrong with you??

Monica: *pushing him off of her, pissed* im fed up!!!!!!!

Chris: *grabbing her and slamming her against the wall* dont for a f*cking second think that youre the only one hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica: *stood there in shock at his reaction and what he just said. Still in his grip, she couldnt help but to just look up at him as he continued...*

Chris: those are my kids too Monica!! dammit stop being so selfish!!!! i love those babies just as much as you do!!! you think im not hurting??? you think it doesnt hurt me to know that my childrens lives are in danger because of a stupid a** mistake i made in the past with a dumb b*tch???!!! you think that doesnt hurt me??? you think it doesnt scare me that my family is in danger??!! that i cant marry the woman i love more than i love my damn self without the thought that theres a woman out there who doesnt like her nor my children for a stupid mistake i made????!!! i know i f*cked up Monica, dammit!! i dont need you to remind me every f*cking time we argue! i messed up!!! *lets go of her, and slowly backs up* ...and im sorry.. *sits at the edge of the bed, as a tear falls down his cheek, with a million things running through his mind*

Monica: *goes over to the bed, and sits next to Chris*

Chris: Monica I made a mistake. Okay? And I'm gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life. But I--I--I love u. And I want to make things right. And I want to marry you. And I want us to be a family because of the love i have for the 3 of you. I just dont want my decision in my past to ruin what we can have..I--I love u..

Monica: *takes her finger to his chin and looks him in his eyes, wiping his tears away* i love u too Chris. and I want to marry you. Im gonna marry you because I forgive you. I forgave you when I decided to be your girlfriend in the first place. I want us to be together and go through these things together only because I love u just as much as you love me. If not, more. Its gonna be okay Chris... *gently kisses his lips* only because we love eachother..

*he smiles and kisses her back*

Monica: now come on..lets go get some food then head back to the hospital to see our babies..

comment//run it??

I really hope the babies are ok because if they not ok I'm gone kill Jasmine

Run it MaMa

└►RUN IT◄┘


run it!
omg please let the babies be okay I swear imma kill Jasmine!!

jasmine needs to die, who harms babies!
i hope there okay,
please make sure she gets the beating of a lifetime,

O wow...thats really crazy...but Mo is making me mad....taking soo long to tell chris whateva is going on...i understand shes upset...and everything else bcuz her babies are in the hospital...but anyway RUN IT bcuz i wanna know whats wrong

AHHHHHHHHHH! No b**** didnt i would kill tht trick if something happen to the twins!!!!

Run the hell outta this!!!!

is that dumb trick did something to the babies, I will cry.. I hope they are okay!! ;'( Run It !!!!

i feel so sorry for the moms, they feeling a lot of guilt, i hope Jazmine gets beatdown

o hxllz no....i hope the twins will be fine
wth...why would harm children...Jazmine really needs to die....ugh
when Mo and Chris find out what wee....especially Mo...she gonna whoop her axx to no end...
I hope they don't blame they moms though....

└►RUN IT◄┘


F****,hope they'll be fine
Who the hell fights for her man by infecting his kids???
Jasmine has to die once and for all......
Damn......hope they dont blame their parents for this



*Chris lowered his head and licked Monica's moist cl*t, putting her legs on his shoulders wrapping them around the back of his head. He flicked his tongue side to side then began slowly licking it up and down, like ice cream. She moaned in satisfaction at how slow he was going, yearning for him to speed up but in love with how he was taking his time. He put his wet, soft, juicy lips on it and sucked on her while gently nibbling on it. She gasped and sat up on her elbows everytime he took her cl*t gently in between his teeth, licking it back and fourth at the same time.*

Chris: you like that baby?? *unable to speak, Monica nodded her head yes and continued to watch him play tongue vs. p*ssy*

*He opened her legs wider, wrapping his arms around her thighs to masage her cl*t as he began to tongue the very outside of her throbbing, wet, p*ssy. He finally pushed his tongue in. He entered it slowly and began to stroke it in and out of her, making her close her eyes, lean her head back and enjoy the amazing feeling of his long, active tongue inside of her. Her p*ssy muscles tightened when he pushed his tongue all the way inside of her and began twirling the tip of it around in circles, exploring her insides. She let out a soft scream. Continueing to eat her p*ssy out like it was his last meal, Chris felt his d*ck get harder and harder by the second, begging for some action. He used his thumb to caress her cl*t in circles as he then slowly entered his middle finger inside of her.*

Monica: mmmm..

Chris: you like that?

Monica: mmhhmmm...

Chris: good.. *he fingered her slowly, going in and out of her before adding two fingers, and beginning to move them in and out of her faster and faster..*

Monica: oooo gonna cuummm...

Chris: cum for me baby.. *he went faster and faster insider of her now playing with her cl*t with his tongue instead of his thumb*

Monica: aaah ahh aahhhhhh *she came all over his fingers and he licked all her juices off of them, then licked her p*ssy clean.*

Chris: *slowly moved up her body, kissing every inch of her until finally reaching her lips* you taste so good baby..

Monica: *smiled* turn.. *she seductively looked into his eyes as she switched positions, laying him on the bed. She layed on top of him and slowly slid down kissing every inch of his body from his lips, to his chin, to his neck, down his chest and his 6 pack, then slowly taking his boxers off.*

Chris: this is new..

Monica: whats new.. *holding his hardened d*ck in her hands*

Chris: *smiling* i never got this type of special treatment from you before..

Monica: *knew what he meant, she didnt usually give head* yeah ur right.. *she kissed it from the tip of the head down* but i think my soon to be husband deserves a little more love..

Chris: *smiled* i couldnt agree with you more..

Monica: *looked up and him and smiled while placing her lips around the tip of his d*ck, and began sucking on just the head as she felt him stiffen up more inside her mouth*

Chris: sh*t..

Monica: *began bobbing her head up and down taking more of him in, ocassionally licking it and teasing it, making him eventually bust 20min. later.*

*She kissed every inch of him up to his lips, then whispered "i love u chris..", and he whispered "i love u too monica" right back to her. They smiled and looked into eachothers eyes before pushing their lips against eachother again, playing tongue wars. Monica, still on top of Chris, began thrusting her hips back and fourth, pushing her dampened vagina against his hardened d*ck. She continued stroking his d*ck with her clit before finally taking his d*ck into her hand and rubbing the head of it against her opening, not sticking it in. She just moved it back and fourth against it her hole, circling it, and using it to play with her clit. Chris finally broke the kiss..*

Chris: baby quit playin..

Monica: mmmm *teasing him as she continued to only use his d*ck to play with her p*ssy. She finally giggled and put the head of it in, and Chris was so desperate for it that he thrusted the rest of it in himself. She bounced up and down riding his d*ck while he played with her nipples in between his fingers and caressing her breasts. She leaned her head back, enjoying the fullness of his c**k, riding it as fast as she could, but it was alot to take it. She spun around on his d*ck, so her a** was now facing him and leaned forward putting her hands on his thighs. She rode the hell out of his d*ck, making him moan out loud while smaking and gripping her a**. Finally he couldnt take it anymore. She got up, still inside of her, put his hands on her waist and began to f*ck her doggystyle. He started off fast and hard, and didnt do anything but speed up.*

Monica: shhhhhhh*tttttttt!!!!!!!! give it to me baby!!! harder!!

Chris: *sped up, slapping her a** and pulling her hair* like that baby??? huh?? you like that??

Monica: mmmmhhhhmmm, oooo, aaahhhhh...babbbyyyyyy...

*Chris sped it up and pulled out of her before they came. He layed her down on her back, put her legs on his shoulders and began to beat it up until she came twice, for the 3rd time tonight.*

Chris: turn over..

Monica: *turned over, laying flat on her stomach. She felt Chris get on top of her, push himself inside of her and close her legs. Monica wasnt sure if it was the fact her that her legs were closed or that she felt him stroke inside of her and push up against her a** at the same time that made her scream out in pleasure, but at this point she didnt care. She was making love to the love of her life, and was happy, Chris felt the same. They continued to make love for another 3 hours, then fell asleep in eachothers arms.*

**The next morning 7:30a.m**

*Monica's cell phone begins ringing. She is hesitant to answer, because she is sleepy from their wild night before, but when she sees it was her mom she answers it immediately, hoping everything was okay with her, C.M and the babies.*

Monica: *sleepy* hello?

M.M: *hysterically crying* im sorry, im so sorry baby..please dont hate me monica..oh God..i dont know what happened!!

Monica: *sitting up, heart beating faster than ever, now extremely scared and concerned* what?? mom calm down, i cant understand you, what happened??? *she was trying not to panic but the only thing on her mind was the twins, she was praying they were alright*

M.M: come to emergency Monica, were all here, you need to come..please so sorryy!! *still crying..*

Monica: *beginning to panic, raising her voice, which wakes Chris up* Mom what happened???!!!

M.M: the twins!!!!


Chris: *the second he saw the paniced look on her face, and the watery eyes and the word "babies" come out of her mouth, he quickly sat up and rubbed her back for her attention to tell him what was going on*

Monica: Mom what happened????!!!

Chris: *grabbed his phone in hopes to try and reach his mom to try to explain what was going on. He looked at his phone, 45 missed calls. All from his mom, dad, m.m and m.d trying to get ahold of him, but no messages. He looked over at Monica who was now holding her mouth with her free hand, the phone to her ear with the other and tears pouring down her face like a waterfall.*

Monica: *began shaking, unable to even get the words out of her mouth, all she was able to say was* what..?? *she hung up the phone and dropped it on the bed, looking straight ahead, praying this was all a dream.*

Chris: *scared out of his mind, heart racing, unsure if he even wants to know what was going on or not* baby... *rubbed her back* what happend???whats going on?????

Monica: the twins... *before she could finish, she broke down crying*

Chris: the twins what baby?? what???? talk to me monica...what happened??????

Monica: *quickly getting out of bed and putting clothes on* we gotta go to the hospital...

Chris: what??why??whats going on???

Monica: we gotta go babe..come on!! we gotta go!! *now starting to panic, getting extremely emotional*

Chris: *threw some clothes on and grabbed monica before she was able to race out of the hotel room door* Monica, look at me..

Monica: *looked up at him with tears streaming nonstop down her face and a look of concern on her face*

Chris: i need to know what is going on with my babies...tell me..

comment//run it??

└►RUN IT◄┘


Run it mamaz!

NOOO !!! I hope nothing happens to the babies ! Run It !!!!!!

AWW Man i HOpe Nothing HApPens TO dA BAbIEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOOOOO.....the twin! They gonna get sick.....
I hope they don't tho....ugh Jazmine...Jazmine...Jazmine...Jazmine...she need to die or somethyn...
I hope nothing don't happen to twins...

└►RUN IT◄┘


Awww man...hopefully Jasmine aint the extra crazy b**** we all think she is...and wouldnt hurt the babies...but i doubt that RUN IT

I hope nothing bad happens to the babies :-(

*screams* OMG.....poor kids are going to get sick
Man this isnt good......whats gonna happen to them????
Wish i was in the story....i would grab those bottles and throw them as far as i could together with the formula


nooo little babies gone get drug into wateva is going on.that suuucks


*They arrived at the beautiful hotel room 30min. later and Monica went straight to the bed, sat at the edge of it and just stared at Chris, then stared into space. He finally asked what was wrong*

Chris: whats good babe? you good?

Monica: yeah I'm fine, guess I just feel a lil stupid..

Chris: why??

Monica: idk, just, some of the assumptions I made about you this past week..

Chris: *confused but extremely curious* like???

Monica: idk, i just kinda thought that, idk..maybe you were, you know..cheating on me or something.. *shook her head so maybe he'd just drop it* its nothing babe, like i said, stupid assumptions..

Chris: cheating on you?? are you serious??

Monica: *saw the smirk on his face like he wanted to laugh at her* yeah, but I mean its nothing babe..just drop it..

Chris: naw i dont wanna drop it.. i wanna know whats good with my wifey????

Monica: just...the phone calls, talkin bout a hotel, and the "dont tell monica"'s and the coming home late at night's..just those little things babe..

Chris: *chuckled then looked down at the ground* so you heard all that huh? *looked back up at her with that sexy look he does*

Monica: *nodded her head yes*

Chris: well now that you know the truth I guess you have nothing to worry about huh?

Monica: *shrugged her shoulders* i guess..

Chris: mmhhhmm... *he started walking towards her with that same sexy look on his face, lickin his lips. He kissed her shoulder* you looked beautiful tonight..

Monica: *smiled* you looked pretty good too mr.brown..

Chris: not as good as you...mrs.brown.. *they looked at eachother and smiled, Chris kissed her, laying her down on the bed, climbing on top of her*


*M.M and C.M arrived at Chris and Mo's apt with the twins. It was late and they were tired so the babies were easily irritable and sleepy. They both started crying..*

C.M: *holding Jordan* okay okay okay honey, shhh, *she layed him in her arms and rocked him while M.M did the same*

M.M: should we give them some warm milk and put em to bed?

C.M: yeah..

*They walked over to the kitchen and got the babies empty bottles and filled it half way with warm water.*

M.M: is there already and open formula can?

C.M: *looking through them* this ones just about empty..

M.M: what about that one? *she pointed to the can of baby formula jasmine gave them as a "baby gift" that Chris mistakenly put back on the counter*

C.M: *opened it, there was no seal on it so assumed it was a recently used one* here..

*they put the formula in the babies bottles, shook it up, and fed it to each twin..*

sorry so short, but run it!

run it

man mystyles y u playin?! u had me scared 4 a moment i thought he wuz cheatin nd i wuz about 2 git mad lol........ newho awwwww dat iz sooooo cute nd sweet!!!! RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awww too glad hes not cheating...but im mad they still didnt throw that milk away

OMG.........*screams* Wow!!!
I'm actually speechless right now.......
Lot of suprises in a day.....ohhhhh
Man if i find a guy like Chris imma hold on to him.....