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~*~+:Beauty and the Nerd:+~*~

**Monica was a beautiful, talented, popular girl at Jefferson High, not to mention she was the head cheer leader of the varsity team with ur obvious stereotypical football player boyfriend. and Chris? Chris on the other hand was a straight NERD. he dressed like one, was the nerdyst skool mascot, acted like one, breathed like one, talked like one, and had EVERY detail of one...i mean the wardrobe..tight pants rolled up, knee high socks with the plaid shirt that is the definition of fitted, suspenders, the bifocal glasses that ur eyebrows n cheeks n c thru, the faded hair cut that he looks like he did himself…DAMN! and all u can feel is pity for him because of how everyone treats him! copy his homework, steal his lunch money, play monkey in the middle with his books, trip him, even pull pranks on him..he was just a mess…
well…it was senior year and everything had been the same since 9th grade during 6th period…the cheerleaders had practice, the football players did the same and chris? Well..chris was the cheer mascot so would just sit on the bleechers and watch both practices and was always there wen help was needed…**

CHEERLEADERS: knock em down! Roll around! Come on defense work! *practicing moves with it*

FOOTBALL PLAYERS: wooooo!!!!!! damn monica!!!!! u got cakes girl!!!!!! lemme c u fly up one more time…i dont think you got up quite high enuf~ *messing wit her just to see it again*

AARON[monicas boyfriend who is captain of the football team]: *yelling* a niggas shut the f*** up dont b talkn to monica like that yall stupid?? *says low key*that’s my b****..

MONICA: ok grls go ahead and take a break b bak in 5min *all the grls take a water break so the football players decide to do the same*

AARON: a waterboy!!!!!*talking to chris who was on the bleechers* bring us some gatorade! we thirsty lil nigga!

CHRIS: ok im coming…

ONE OF THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS: ok im coming! *imitating chris in a girly voice*

MONICA: nigga shut up he didnt even sound like that so leave him alone….n wtf yall getting water for yall aint did s*** this whole time *getting frustrated because of how theyre always treating chris*

THE SAME FBP: a trick u got one more time to b cutin in this grown man biniss n ima f--- *aaron stops him b4 he says anything else*
AARON: don’t even trip man, ima handle her ass later…*grabs her ass* literally my nigga u feel me

CHRIS: here go your gatorade

AARON: thanx fag u only 5 min late..

CHRIS: im sry, the tub of gatorade in the frige wasnt cold enuf so i had to put some ice --*cutting off chris*

AARON: just shut the f*** up don’t know body care lil nigga

MONICA: *not liking the way the still treat chris so comes up next to him n whispers in his ear* just think of that as a thank u…youll have to excuse him hes on his period this YEAR *both monica n chris start to laugh*

MARVIN[Aarons best friend]: wut the f*** yall over there whisperin n s***


MARVIN: man wutever can we just get bak to practice b4 yo grl get on my nerves too

AARON: yeah lets go…*yelling to the whole team* iight everybody on the field lets go! *then turns to give monica the look that only she knew and knew it wasnt a good one b4 running back on the field as monica looks bak at him then turns away giving chris back her attention*

CHRIS: *nervously saying to monica because of his crush on her since middle school* thank you…

MONICA: hahahah dont even worry about it hun, i got ur bak *gives him a smile that made him put on a cool aid smile as she walkd away to get back to practice*

CHRIS: *saying to himself* she called me hun…*BAM!!!!*

*a football player “accidentally” rams into him while trying to catch the ball*

tell me wut u think so far!


wow...that was alot of surprises for one day....
I'm happy that they are getting married...

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Run it

happy they got married and all but got to know is chris it

I knew it.Run it


**1 week later**

*No one has yet used the baby formula given to them by Jasmine, thankfully, and Monica still hasnt found out what was going on with Chris. Ever since she heard him on the phone that night a week ago, she hasnt been able to get everything off of her mind. Was he cheating on her? She prayed not because she didnt know what she would do without him. She wouldnt have any place to go, except back to her parents house. And what about the babies?? She didnt want her babies to grow up in a one parented house knowing their parents split like more than half the world out there has. She didnt know what she was going to do. On regular ocassions when he wouldnt come home til midnight, she would stay up and try to keep herself from panicing. Whenever he was around, it was like he was neglecting her not wanting to be around her etc. One day she was washing clothes and noticed some of his shirts smelt like "heat"-beyonce's perfume or that mariah carey perfume. At that point she didnt know what to think. Who was he out with from early in the morning to that late at night. Its been a little over a week he's been pulling this and everytime Monica questions it, he gets all nervous and says the same thing, she knew he was hiding something from her, if anything she prayed if he was cheating, he would tell her everything before her birthday, but it was too late..*

*Today was her birthday and Chris came home last night around 2 am. He threw his mariah carey smelling perfume shirt off, sprayed it with his cologne and put it under some of the other clothes in the laundry basket, and sneaked into bed completely oblivious to the fact that Monica wasnt sleeping. That morning, she woke up to Chris carrying a tray of breakfast in their room and placing it on their bed. When Monica felt movement she woke up, and sat up to a smiling Chris and in both his arms, two fidgety babies, drooling, with smiles on their face, giggling at their sleepy head, lion king hair lookin mama just waking up. He sat them sitting up, but laying against Monica and his extra pillows in between them on the bed.*

Chris: goodmorning baby..

Monica: *smiling at her babies in their cute little pj's and kissing Chris* goodmorning..

Chris: *picked up each baby one at a time to "kiss" their mommy with a big slob of drool on her cheek while saying "happy birthday mommy" in a baby voice as if they were saying it*

Monica: *smiled at kissed her babies back, then wiped her now slobbered on soaking wet cheek off*

Chris: we made you breakfast.. *handing over the tray of oj, plate of breakfast, and a pretty white rose*

Monica: *taking the tray and beginning to eat* thank you..

*They spent the rest of the day together, yet Chris was still answering mysterious phone calls from this mysterious woman. Monica didnt bother to ask because she was actually enjoying her birthday. The babies were surprisingly behaved and only cried when they were sleepy. Night time finally came and Brittney came over with a huge smile on her face*

Brittney: *knocking on their door* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! *she gave Monica a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek* oooo girl! my best friend getting old as all heck!!

Monica: *laughed* girl you right up there with me, dont even start

Brittney: *laughed* mmmhhhmm...and where are my babies???? *she said walking over to the two babies sitting on their bouncers watching tv. She went over and kissed them*

Monica: Britt are you sure you're gonna be okay with them alone??

Britt: yeah girl dont even worry. They'll be in bed soon anyways, we good..

Monica: okay..just remember if in any emergency--

Britt: --just go home.. *she looked at the expression on Monica's face and started busting out laughing* girl you know im playing..if anything ill just call my aunty over and i'll have her help me, you know she's in love with these lil angels just as much as i am..

Monica: *laughed it off in relief* or just call me and we can come home early..

Britt: girl its your birthday!! go enjoy dinner with your man.. shouldnt you be getting ready right now??its 430 arent your reservations for 530???

Monica: yes but I just wanna make sure--

Britt: --but nothing...go get in the shower! go! hurry up! i heard the water just turn off which means chris is out..go..hurry up..

Monica: *just looked at her crazy friend then went to go shower. Her and Chris were going to a fancy place for her birthday so they needed to get dressed up. She got out the shower and put on this dress: and Chris in this: When she was putting on her finishing touches, looking in the mirror, Chris came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Chris: *looking at her through the mirror* happy birthday baby..

Monica: *smiled* thank you babe..

Chris: i got something for you..

Monica: *smiled even bigger* you did??

Chris: *nodded his head* mmmhhhmm.. *he reached in his pocket and pulled out a beautiful diamond necklace and put it around her neck as she looked at it through the mirror touching it with her hand.*

Monica: beautiful...

Chris: *smiling* you like it?

Monica: *smiling back* i love it.. *she turned around and gave him a kiss*

Chris: i love u.. *kissed her again*

Monica: *looked into his eyes and wanted to believe him so bad, but because of the past events, she couldnt find the strength to say it back* you ready?

Chris: yeah come on..

*They left and went to dinner, and enjoyed their whole night. It was slightly ruined by Chris' attempts to be slick and text whoever it was he was texting, under the table cloth. She caught him smiling everytime one or the other would be read while he texted back, then he'd notice her watching him, and try to put his phone away and hide his smile. She noticed that after the last text came in he started to rush them. He didnt let her get dessert or another drink because he was in a rush to go, so they finally left*

Chris: can we stop at my parents house real quick babe? I gotta pick something up..

Monica: *she nodded her head yes, looking out the window, a little disappointed that her birthday dinner was cut a little short and that it was spent with someone distracted by his phone*

*They pull up to his parents house and park in the driveway*

Chris: you wanna come in? They said they wanna say happy birthday since they didnt get to call you today..

Monica: *come to think of one called her today..not even her parents..the only person besides Chris that said happy birthday was britt* um yeah sure.. *they got out the car and walked up to the door. Chris opened it, allowing her to walk in before him, just then the lights turned on and everyone shouted "SURPRISEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" scaring the heck out of Monica*

*Everyone laughed at her reaction as she stood there in complete shock. Everyone was there. Her parents, some of her other family, people from church, Chris and his family, Britt and the twins, Mijo, and all of their friends.*

Monica: omg!! how did you guys plan all this--what--how..

Mijo: it was all Chris' doing, so if your mad about it, beat HIS a**.. *everyone laughed, she turned around to Chris and gave him a hug and kiss* thank you baby..

Chris: you deserve it baby..

*The rest of the time they ate desserts, chatted, laughed drank and enjoyed eachothers company. When they finally decided to do the cake, they all gathered around Monica at the table and sang happy birthday. She sat there cheesed up while they sang happy birthday with a beauty and the beast decorated cake, with her face in princess belle's spot. She knew she was a little old to like that movie still, but she loved it! She blew out the candles and everyone clapped and before they began serving the cake and ice cream Chris interrupted.*

Chris: aight, hold on, before everyone starts chowin down on the cake and ice cream I got one more surprise for you..

Monica: *giggles* my goodness, I dunno how much more of these surprises I can take tonight!!

Chris: *laughed* its just one more..

Monica: okay..

Chris: close your eyes..

Monica: *closed her eyes*

Chris: *after about 30 seconds she felt Chris grab her hand and heard all kinds of gasps*

Monica: *opened her eyes to Chris bent down on one knee, holding her hand with both of his and a ring in one of his hands. Monica gasped and covered her mouth with both hands, unable to believe what she thought was about to happen. She tried to keep herself from crying, but the look in his eyes made a tear find its way out of her left eye.*

Chris: baby, you know I love u right?

Monica: *couldnt say a word still in disbelief, so she just nodded her head yes*

Chris: *chris shook his head unsure of how to say what he wanted to say* Mo, we've been to hell and back together, and I never imagined I'd have this opportunity to be in love with my best friend and for her to love me as much as I loved her... *pause* baby, before that night I saw you laying there, unable to tell if you were dead or alive from what aaron did to you, I have never felt so much anger and pain. I thought I lost you Mo..And everyday from that day forward I was never able to let that pain go, up until that day you looked me in my eyes and told me that you loved me as much as I loved you. I always dreamed of being the guy to make you happy, and put a smile on your face, and now are the mother of my children. *he looked around to see tears rolling down everyones faces* Monica I love u and I want you to be mine..forever. *he looked up into her watery eyes, and took her hand back into his* Monica..will you marry me?

Monica: *without anytime passing at all she whispered* yes.. yes..!!

Chris: *stood up with a huge smile on his face as he picked up Monica into a hug, spinning her around in his arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him. Everyone cheered and clapped.*

*They stayed at ate cake for another 10min. when Britt came up to them with two card/keys in her hand*

Britt: your hotel awaits..

Chris: *smiled and took the keys from her* thanx britt..

Monica: wait huh? I cant stay in a hotel babe, the babies--

M.M: *cutting her off* --the babies are are going to spend the weekend with their grandmothers while the two of your daddies go for a camping weekend.

Monica: Mom are you sure you and--

C.M: Mo, we will be fine with the two little ones, were gonna stay at your place so their in a comfortable environment

Monica: okay..

Chris: see? they'll be fine babe, now come on, our suite awaits.. *picks her up and starts walking to the door*

Monica: *laughing* wait!! Lemme kiss my babies.. *C.M and M.M brought each twin up for the two to kiss and they were on their way to the hotel..*

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hecks 2 da naw!!!! he better b talkin bout gittin sum cuddy 4rm monica! nd nobody else! i hope he aint cheatin......... run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so wt he betta be dng is plan-n a lil suprise get away fa him & monica..bein the reason he abt'a get sum "cuddy"...he kno better not to cheat it

if that formula came from jasmine then it probly is poison...wat is chris doing?HE BETTER NOT BE CHEATING!!HE LOVES MO TOO MUCH!AND WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES!!

Ima calm down now........RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

F**** is Chris cheating on Mo???
Who the hell was on the phone with Chris???
My god hope its not that a***h*** Jasmine.....


i kno that boy aint dumb enough to cheat on i wonder whats going on...
Run it

That boy better not be cheatin on Mo.... Run it !

I hope like hxll he is not cheating on what is he up to??

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RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't be cheatin Chris please don't be I hope he not cheatin because he don't want me to come in this story and whoop his a** Run it please

hmm...what's going on?
run it!


Later that night, after dinner, Brittney went back to her auntys house and Mo was washing dishes while Chris took a shower and the twins were layin on the floor on their pink and blue blankets, playing with their gymini playmat. When she finished cleaning off the dinner table and washing dishes, she noticed the "gift" Jasmine gave them and looked in the bag again, seeing the same 25.7 oz Enfamil brand formula sitting there. She reached in the bag and took it out observing the outside very carefully, she opened the lid and took a sniff of it. It smelt like any other baby formula, but she still didnt trust it. She looked over at her two little angels smiling, concentrating on trying to grab and observe the little soft, squishy dangling toys hanging a few inches from their face. Monica smiled and looked at the sight of them. They were her everything, she loved those babies so much. She finally understood the meaning of "theres nothing like mamas lovin..". She turned around to throw the formula away when one of the babies started fussing, causing her to turn around and look at them again. And since Jordan was crying, Jade started to cry too. Monica turned back around and threw the formula in the trash, not even noticing she missed, and hurried to assist her crying babies. Chris got out of the shower just in time to help her.

He picked up Jade and Monica got Jordan, gave them some milk and put them down to bed. Monica was having a little more trouble trying to put Jordan to sleep so Chris put Jade down in her crib and went into the room after making sure Monica was okay with Jordan.

Monica looked down into Jordan's beautiful brown eyes looking up at her as she rocked him from side to side. She softly sang "all my life" by kc and jojo. He continued looking up at her innocently while drinking his bottle as his eyes slowly began to close and he fell asleep. She put him in his crib, and went back into her room. Before she got to the door to her and Chris' room she overheard him talking on the phone to someone.

Chris: aight cool so I'll meet up with you tomorrow then? ----- yeah aight--- naw ill have her stay here and see if britt can come over and help her with the twins--yeah she'll understand---it'll be fine..---NO! we cant let her know about this..please dont say anything and make sure everyone else that knows doesnt say anything either, real talk--- *she could hear the other person on the phone laugh, it sounded like a woman, but she couldnt hear the voice well enough to tell who it was, when the person Chris was talking to on the phone continued to laugh, chris said..* I aint playin..dont say anything to Monica...---alright---fa sho--alright-- *she heard a smile in his voice* okay I love u too...aight one.. *click*

Monica: *opened the door and walked into the bathroom to turn the shower water on*

Chris: *chris heard her walk in and it startled him* oh hey baby..

Monica: hey *she said, raising one eyebrow. Before she went in the shower, she stood at the bathroom door eyeing him*

Chris: what?

Monica: *stood there studying him and why he was acting so funny, she finally asked him* who was that on the phone??

Chris: *not even knowing she knew he was on the phone, began to get extremely nervous* oh, uhm, nobody important baby..

Monica: *noticed he was rubbing his hands together and didnt make eye contact with her when he answered her, he looked past her. He always did that when he was lieing, and she knew it, but he didnt know that she knew* what are you hiding Chris?

Chris: *knew she wasnt buying it* nothing baby, why you trippin? its nothing important..i promise.. *he got up and kissed her forehead, she just looked at him as he walked away into the kitchen to get a drink of water*

Monica: *something wasnt sitting right with her, but she was way too tired to be arguing with him so she just got in the shower*

Chris: *walking towards the kitchen, whispering to himself* that was close.. *he got himself a cup of water and began walking away when he noticed the can of baby formula on the floor, not knowing it was from Jasmine, nor knowing that Monica was intending to throw it away but missed. He picked it up and put it in the pile of other baby formulas that was sitting on the counter, finished his water and went to lay down. He turned on family guy, when his cell rang again, it was the person he was talking to earlier..* yeah?----yeah, get the hotel room..--naw get the suite--dont worry about it, ill pay for it--yeah---naw-- *he heard Monica get out of the shower and low key began to panic* look ill talk to you about this tomorrow i gotta go, she getting out the shower--aight *click*

Monica: *came out of the bathroom to see chris quickly putting his phone back on his nightstand. She ignored it, put her pj's on and layed in bed next to him, but instead of cuddling up like they usually did, she turned over to face away from him, a little disappointed that he was hiding something from her...questions kept going through her mind as she closed her eyes, trying to just fall asleep hoping it would all just go away in the morning, but the questions in her mind would not stop harrassing her. Who was that woman on the phone? Why was Chris being so fidgety? What was he lieing about? What was he hiding? The questions continued invading her mind til she fell asleep.

Chris: *turned off the TV and scooted over towards Monica. He couldnt help but notice how sexy she still was even after having twins. He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing her neck pressing his hard on against her a**. She moved in a way that let him know she really was not in the mood, so he moved back to his side of the bed and thought "i aint trippin..I'm bout to get some cuddy for sure real soon". He closed his eyes and fell asleep*

comment//run it???

is that formula poison?!!
sounds like somrthing jasmine would do...RUN IT!! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!

LMAO cookies and apple pie that is too funny....
oh hellz no this trick Jazmine needs to give up already...ugh...she's already done enough trouble, and now tht Chris and Mo are doing good...she wanna mess it up again...

└►RUN IT◄┘


F*** what is wrong with that b*** (jasmine)???
Man.....she really knows how to get into people's nerves....ugh
Where was she this whole time???
What a stunt......*pissed off*


This chick is aout of it she done did the fool....She gon get wat comin to her an a s s whoopin and bein put 6 ft under

This heffa done lost her mind!!!!

run it

Oh hell no ! that trick is out of her damn mind ! Run It !


I wouldnt have even let her in....i woulda slammed the door in her damn face....
Run it.


*All the adults arrived about 20min. later at the hospital, seeing Brittney in the waiting room, waiting for them.*

M.M: what happened?? where is she??

Brittney: in the room

B.M: did she have the babies yet..

Brittney: mom, we just got here like 15min.

B.M: so what happened?

Brittney: nothing yet, the doctors drugged her up, shes in her room resting with Chris, come on.. *she led them to her room*

M.M: *walking into the room, seeing her daughter sleeping and Chris next to her bed holding her hand* hey sweetie

Chris: hey

M.M: she sleep?

Chris: yeah

C.M: how long ago did she fall asleep??

Chris: the second they drugged her up..they said she'll be ready to give birth any second, n she fell asleep..

M.D: *laughed* thats my little girl alright..

*they all smiled and looked at Monica sound asleep in the bed, til M.M went over and kissed her daughters forehead, waking her up*

M.M: hi baby

Monica: hi mommy..

M.M: how you feeling..

Monica: okay...i cant feel below my waist..

C.M: your gonna be thankful that you cant in a few minutes...

*they all laughed, all the women agreed*

Monica: did you bring me food??

M.M: yes, its in the car, i dont think the doctors want you eating before you give birth, ill bring it up later..

Monica: *nodded her head okay*

Dr.Johnson: *walking in* hii monica..ur awake

Monica: hey

Dr.Johnson: hello everyone..

everyone: *politely saying hello to this young, black, female dr.*

Dr.Johnson: we will be starting the birthing progress soon, and we are only allowed 4 people in the room including myself and my nurse assistant *nurse assistant nodded her head hi* so if you guys can kindly wait in the waiting room and if we can have the father of the babies stay as well as a parent..

*everyone agreed and began filing out as monicas parents and chris stayed behind*

Monica: can both of my parents stay? my dad wants to record it, he wont get in the way..

Dr.Johnson: *smiled and nodded** no problem...

*Everyone waited in the waiting room anxious, excited, nervous, etc. pacing the floor back and fourth while Monica gave birth. 6 hours later at 2:45am, the twins were born. 6lbs. 09 ounce Jordan Maurice Brown and 6lbs 07 ounce Jade Precious Brown, 2 minutes apart, and blessedly healthy.*

**2 weeks later**

*Brittney decided to stop going to a University and come back home to go to the JC next to her auntys house, which was closer to Mo and Chris' apt. so she can help Monica with the twins whenever Chris went to school. The house was chaios 24/7, no one got rest, even when Chris was home helping them. Finally Brittney decided to stay at their place for a week so they could work in shifts.

Monica: Britt can you warm up their bottles, I got them..

Britt: yeah, you got em..yeah, just hurry before they start fussin again.. *Britt warmed up their bottles then took Jordan back from Mo, who was holding both of em, and they put them to sleep with their milk*

Monica: *whispering* thanx so much Britt..

Britt: *whispering back* dont worry about it..

*They put the twins in their cribs then tip toed back into the living room and plopped on the couch. They were exhausted. They have both been up since 6:30am and it was now 2 in the afternoon*

Monica: you hungry?

Britt: *nodded her head yes with her eyes closed and head leaned back on the couch*

Monica: I'll make us some sandwiches.. *gets off the couch to walk towards the kitchen*

Britt: what time does Chris get out??

Monica: he should be home in a little bit.. *just then he walked in*

Chris: hey yall.. *walks in the apt., allowing the door to slam behind him*

Mo and Britt: SHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *Chris froze in his tracks, as well as Mo and Britt, hoping the babies stayed asleep*

Monica: *didnt hear them cry after staying still and quiet for a few minutes so finally whispered* babe their sleep-- *just then she heard one of the babies start to cry, then that babies crying woke the others, so now they were both awake. Mo and Britt looked at Chris like they were about to attack him, giving him the dirtiest looks ever. He just smiled and said "I'll get em", and walked into the room*

Britt: yeah u do that

*Mo finished up both of their sandwiches and they started eating, neither of them going to help Chris with the 2 crying babies. They just watched him try to carry them both at the same time, and walk around rocking them at the same time. They twins werent having it, they just kept getting more and more upset. Britt and Mo just continued on eating thier food, acting completely oblivious to the raucous going in not even 5 feet from them, to the hopeless daddy walking around trying to softly shush them back to sleep. The two just looked at eachother and quietly giggled, and everytime Chris turned around, they acted like they were enjoying their meal. Finally Monica finished about half of her sandwich before looking at Brittney with the "should I help him?" look and she responded with the "lets see how long he can go look". They sat there for about 2 more minutes before Mo gave in. She couldnt sit and watch her babies cry any longer nor could she watch her poor helpless babydaddy try to control the situation. She finally got up, and took Jordan in her arms, put him on her shoulder, and patted his back, softly shushing him til he finally began to doze off..he was a mama's boy. Chris' did the same to Jade and she calmed down in time too, she was definetly a daddies girl. The parents went walking into the twins room to put them in their crib, meanwhile the door bell rang. They stopped in their tracks at the babies began to wake up a little bit, but the parents continued patting their back and rocking them back to sleep, while Brittney got the door.

Britt: *opening the door, seeing who it was starting to get mad all over again about what happened in the past*

Jasmine: hey is Chris and Mo here?

Britt: *giving her a dirty look like "I know she aint saying their names like she cool with them."* hold on.. *she closed the door in Jasmines face and went to get Mo and Chris* *whispering* Mo..

Monica: *turning around* yeah?

Britt: you have a guest..

Monica: *looking at Chris* are you expecting anyone??

Chris: *looking at her confused* naw..

Monica: *looking back at Brittney* who is it?

Britt: *smiling* your best friend..

Monica: *goes walking towards the front door to see Jasmine standing in their living room*

Britt: uhm, trick, I told you to hold on and I purposely left you outside..I closed the door for a reason..

Jasmine: *rolling her eyes at Britt* anyways.. *goes to Chris to give him a hug* congrats you guys, on the babies..

Chris: *stood their still, not hugging her back just looking at Mo and Britt like "this chick done lost her mind"*

Jasmine: I brought you guys a baby gift.. *hands them a bag, Monica takes it*

Monica: whats the catch..

Jasmine: no catch..cant I give a few old friends some baby gifts??

Monica: *looks in the bag, it was baby formula* aight thanx..but uhm you gotta go, we just put the twins down for a nap..

Jasmine: oh okay, uhm, can I see them??

*All 3 of them looked at eachother like she was stupid*

Chris: Jasmine I dont think that'd be a good idea..

Jasmine: oh nonsense, where are they?? *she begins walking down the hallway in their apt. to the room where the twins are, she opens the door to where they are and walks to their cribs with the 3 now angry people rushing behind her*

Britt: okay no, you need to leave..

Jasmine: *ignoring her* ooooh look at them, they are adorable.. *gently pinching their cheeks*

Monica: *snatching Jasmines hand away from her babies* never...put your hands on my children..

Jasmine: *giving her a dirty look* relax I was just saying how cute they were..

Monica: leave..

Jasmine: why--

Monica: *trying to stay calm so she didnt shout, waking the babies again* GO..

Jasmine: fine.. *she hugs Chris and kisses his cheek* cute kids babe..theyd be cuter if they were mine though.. *she looks Monica up and down, as well as Britt* you got whats coming to you baby *she puts her finger on Mo's chin, and Mo snatches her face away*

Monica: excuse me??

Jasmine: nada...I gotta go, bye... *she walked away letting herself out, slamming the door behind her, once again waking the babies..*

lmao. wow..
run it

cookies and apple pie...really? cant talk...i woulda asked for the same thinqq...
Run it ma!

awww ! they are gonna have the baby ! RUN IT !!!