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Cbreezy and Breezyondabrain!! O P E N

Hi, I`m Trinity, If you don`t know me.

I have too fly CB boards that are either dead, or dying. And that`s not cool A T A L L!!

The first is called Cbreezy4lyfe. We would like you to follow the link and create an account. Not only create and account but actually post and get involved! You can bring your stories! We actually encourage you to bring them and post them. This board is already established, but is slowly dying so help us bring it back PLEASE!!

The next board is an up and coming one called Breezyondabrain. There`s about 60 member`s but we would like more!! It just opened and is already dead. That can`t go on! Join this board too but don`t neglect it after you join. Come back and engage in topics and post your stories.

If these board`s seem dead when you go to them, it`s because were waiting for you to come and join and bring it to life again.

PLEASE come join!!

~Thank`s Trinity, and everybody at Cbreezy4lyfe, and Breezyondabrain.