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What is up with this new board?.....!!!!!.

Ummm. Okay, the new graphics and stuff are coo and all. But why the heck we can`t see our replies???....If someone wrote me, how are they going to know I got it if they can`t see what I wrote back?....And how am I going to know if people are running my story if I can`t see the "run its" or "wall to walls"....or how are they going to see the new adds?.....This a bite retarded, don`t you think?...If this was the case, why didn`t you people just update and improve the old board????...At least it wasn`t complicated and confusing, cause this new board makes NO sense whatsoever. And I really hope you all are still making improvements and changes to this site because in a minute I`m getting ready to delete my account. And I intend on doing that if this site is still the way it is now in the future. Nothing against Chris Brown, I`m still a big fan...But this site is pointless right now because I can`t do anything....Hope you all get on your jobs soon, or I`m out.

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