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My friend's boyfriend

look a like.jpg

Don't he look like a puerto rican Chris


u look fine

chris browns wifey

he dont look like nothin like him
mz brown

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh


my disappintment continues

u chicks r wildn' let mi put it 2 yall like this...MOSTLY ALL THE DUDES WHO ENTER THIZ LOOK A LIKE THING ONLY LOOK LIKE ChRIS N THOES LIL PHOTES U C @ THE TOP THEN WEN U ENLARGE IT ITS LIKE WTF!! but homie u kool keep doin u. :)

ii DOnT tHiiNk hE lOOk liiKE CHRiiS Nor dO ii THiiNk hE kUttE

for3v3r hys wiif3y

neva eva eva aye aye aye u will neva
look like dat chris brown fella
neva eva eva aye aye aye !!!!!!!!!

Nicky J

the eyes and the weren't the way they were.