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our buddy

Posted by REPNM


U dont look like CB . .

But U stil looke fiine & cute .. ^^

BUt y0U d0Nt L0oK LiKE CB...BUt d0Nt gET Me wR0Ng y0 STiLL fiNE!


ur cute but u don't look like chris


you look like trey songz go sit down some where
Mz.Brown got da goodies on lockk for Chris

U dont luk Like Chris Brown but ur kinda cute

u dont look nuthin like chris brown

you do not look like Chris Brown you are to dark.

damn. you hot!

he is cute though. I should put mi cuzin up in here. he looks like Chris Brown but darker...
I could also put my 4 yr old bro.
Or that guy me and my friend saw at the airport that looked EXACTLY like CB and he smiled at us!!!!!!!!!!!(smiled exactly like CB too)

— Lil_Miss_Cutie everybody looks better than Chris to you don't it.

If it ain't southeren it ain't nothing