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me ya boi

Posted by phreshp


o boy i wish you went to my school so i can show you how we do in manor

man if you don
look juss like chris!!..

you should let me be your girl.
jordan owens

u sharp wit ya little geeky style!!! u ain't chris brown but u look

yo u really look like him is scaring me u mad sexcii u prolly like wunna the sexciest dudez alive dang cuz hubby # 1

but it looks like you did a lil touch up
but you stil cute

I see it!
This a first for me
[[.Lite.Brite. aka .Jay.Breezy.]] (c/o '09)
New York...Im Coming Back...Until Then...Im Holding It Down In VA...

Omg that boi look just like chris brown i swaer i was talkin to him yesterday on myspace


i think this might be chris brown!!!omg!!
:-0 2cute4u!:-)

I bet u get chased in the mall! lol