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Chris Brown and 2Badd backstage in Mississauga, Canada

Chris 56.jpg
Posted by MrsYoungStar


I heard that he is sleeping with his manger

Dang, you look super tall there. How tall are you? I hope that's just the angle of the pic and just too close. lol

And here I was think Trick Daddy was the only one who loved the kids (lmao)
The pic is too cute and I guess I gotta change the song Chris love da kids...

~*$*~Ya'll can be his Cinderella because I'm his Winner! And when it's all said and done his gonna have me Now&Later! So to all of you we wish you'd be Just Fine!~*$*~

LMAO at Chris using ol' boys head to rest his arm on.

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

chris u depressing me u needa find a way down to the STX and take a pic wit me :-)
I love chris brown he is so so so fine and his music is so good


l1v3 n luv3

And those little boys can realyy dance
Da skata girl-

oh look he practicin to be my baby daddy!!!!!!!! lol

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