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New Chris Brown Singles in iTunes

Chris Brown new single Deuces cover art

Right now in the itunes store, you can buy two brand new Chris Brown singles. The first is "Deuces" featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall, the second is called "No B.S.". Click the links below to buy each track.

Click here to buy Chris Brown - "Deuces" (Ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall)

Click here to buy Chris Brown - "No B.S."

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  • i love this song i sing this song everyday
    by Catherine0621 on 10月 6, 2010 午後31 2:02午後
  • hi hi
    by funny girl on 10月 1, 2010 午前31 7:07午前
  • well, i like all of his songz cuz dance 2 it n everythang yallcan hate on us or me if yall won't 2,but guess wat dueces & peace
    by tysha taylo on 8月 27, 2010 午後31 1:01午後
  • that's my favorite thang 2 due iz throwing up dueces all the i can't wait for his 2 come out cuz he iz so cute 2 me , i don't know abt tha rest of yall.....peace & dueces....
    by tysha taylo on 8月 27, 2010 午後31 1:01午後
  • i love all the songs i jus cant choose :)
    by kekeizastar on 8月 26, 2010 午前31 1:01午前
  • i love his song dueces it makes ppl realize if someone dont give a damn bout you you should tell them deuces rihanna anywyas she cost it.
    by jasmine1995 on 8月 25, 2010 午後31 12:12午後
  • dontchu b on dat bulls*** yea yea!!!
    by LILCRACY on 8月 21, 2010 午後31 7:07午後
  • Chris u killed it, awesome songz, awesome voice. keep doin ya thing baby :-)
    by BREEEEEEZYBABYY on 8月 17, 2010 午前31 7:07午前
  • chris brown i luv yah u my BOO,my HONEY,MY HUSBAND my everything :)
    by chrisbrown_lova225 on 8月 16, 2010 午後31 8:08午後
  • Chris I Love this song i was so excited when i could buy it for my ipod and listen to it all day long with out any interuptions. thx so much chris 4 being u and making the music u make
    by Kenni Pooh Bear on 8月 14, 2010 午後31 3:03午後