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"12 Strands: Matrix" is Coming

Chris’ new project is amazing. Its a video for “12 Strands: Matrix” and it will premiere as a pay-per-view video on, on September 27th at 8PM EST. To get you ready, here is the trailer. Stay tuned until the 27th.

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  • OMG! I love 12 Strands Matrix, that song is FRICKIN AWESOME!!!! I wish it was on Itunes... D: So, they're making a movie of it? Or what?
    by ChrisBrownFan8 on 11月 27, 2010 午後30 5:05午後
  • I love It!
    by Star91609 on 11月 26, 2010 午後30 10:10午後
  • Oh baby i can't wait! That movie is going to b soo good it's going to b great and you look soo good in that video Mmm, Mmm Baby! I love you and i can't wait to see you in that movie!!!! I hope you don't die in the movie i want to see you kick butt and stuff! Wow
    by Ms.Brezzy17 on 10月 18, 2010 午後31 6:06午後
  • i cant wait i heard make a movie with u and twista it was awsome its was cana like no bulls*** love that song
    by prettygirl325 on 10月 11, 2010 午後31 3:03午後
  • i love you chris brown but people said that you were that ture?
    by destinyscalf63@... on 10月 6, 2010 午前31 7:07午前
  • i cant wait 2 see it is going be in movie or tv
    by prettygirl325 on 10月 5, 2010 午後31 5:05午後
  • Love it.
    by psylocke24 on 10月 5, 2010 午前31 3:03午前
  • I just seen the video and i liked it
    by angeleyes850 on 10月 3, 2010 午前31 12:12午前
  • I can't wait!
    by Courtney Beckham on 10月 2, 2010 午後31 7:07午後
  • cant wait to see it...!!!! :D
    by Analu on 9月 30, 2010 午後30 1:01午後