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Chris Nominated For 3 Grammys!

Just announced, Chris has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. One in the "Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals" for "Take My Time" (w/ Tank), one in the "Best Contemporary R&B Album" category for "Graffiti", and one in the "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" category for "Deuces" (w/ Tyga & Kevin McCall). Please join the world in leaving Chris some love and congratulations right here in the comments.

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  • THATS MY CHRIS, congrats u sooooo deseve it! u got back on yur feet and i hope alot of people r proud!!!!!! i really lov you <3
    by lal2015 on 12月 30, 2010 午前31 12:12午前
  • Congrats i think you deserve it! It's amazing that although all these people will try and put you down you can come out on top, and show them who's on top-say "deuces" to the haters and "lucky me" to yourself. You're a great inspiration, Luv Ya! Birdie
    by birdiebuddy on 12月 27, 2010 午後31 7:07午後
  • Oh My God Thats Amazing Like You Really Pulled Through 3 Nominations Your at Least Walking away With One At least. Honestly This Whole Time Through the situation i Knew You were gonna come through i beleived in you then and i beleive in you now and think your gonna go really far and i love you for you and just keep up the good work !
    by TeamBreezyx3 on 12月 24, 2010 午後31 12:12午後
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!chris b u real deserve it. cuz u worked very hard 4 it! now,tats y we luv u & supor u.
    by c.b freak on 12月 22, 2010 午後31 2:02午後
  • i luv him hes my husband forever luv ya
    by zbrown on 12月 14, 2010 午後31 9:09午後
  • Congratulations! Even after the downfall you seemed to recover very quickly. Suddenly you're back to where you were and farther. Your fans never let you down, we never will! Were with you till the end buddy=) Keep it UP! Lassy
    by lassy on 12月 14, 2010 午後31 5:05午後
    by tyshionna_sofly on 12月 14, 2010 午前31 11:11午前
  • oh miii god i love hiiim so much it dont make no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND II SEE HOW YALL DO UP ON HERE YALL DONT WANNA TALK TO A BAD b**** I SEE MAN f*** YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by tyshionna_sofly on 12月 14, 2010 午前31 11:11午前
  • Congratulations Chris on your acheivements in spite of those who refused to see that you've address and corrected mistakes and items in your past. I know some radio personalities have said they still need time to play your music (Tom Joyner). To that, I say that it's his lost and the lost of his fans. You were good, but better was possible, and you've met that bar. Your true fans, and those that realize you're a person, acknowledge your work on yourself, and congratulate you on being able to "man up" and accept responsibility for your actions, and then change...
    by Bish on 12月 12, 2010 午前31 8:08午前
  • CONGRATS bay i see nothing but blue skys from here on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    by SWEETZ212004 on 12月 11, 2010 午後31 7:07午後