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Swarovski——the Love Story Between the Girl and That Boy

The girl has a beautiful name, lilac, she and her name alone depression, sentimental, beautiful and delicate care, the boy has vowed to her life, he <a href="">swarovski chram bracelet</a> shall let her become the world's most beautiful flowers in the happiest bride. The boy always towards this effort of Swarovski necklace star, he was careful to caress her with her, not to protect her injury. Many people admire the girl have a boy, girl, the <a href="">bracelet chram swarovski</a> treasure hidden in the eye has a blue, the boy has also been dominated, although she loves love boy. The boy annoyed him think impassability problem in where, but he still continue taking care of every girl of Swarovski charms sale, a <a href="">swarovski charm bracelets</a> bouquet of girls' favorite lilac, because the girl said she likes most delicate lilac and melancholy.
Finally one day, the boy girl firmly put forward very desperate, boy so sad, corruption, and indulge in a very long period of time, the boy refused to <a href="">swarovski rings jewelry</a> talk about love, he had love phobia, but the most important reason is that she is still unable to forget that, with delicate beauty lilac blue girl.
The boy and girl soon graduated from university, and accept the other boys and girls, a love of give up friend together, but he <a href="">swarovski</a> still recalls the girl, and the girl spent every minute of Swarovski earrings. The boy's new girlfriend is a gentleness docile of girl, obscurity for boy doesn't always pay for Swarovski earrings wholesale, taking care of the daily life, her <a href="">swarovski crystals</a> boy of sincerity and good finally moved boy, they decided to engagement.
They are engaged in the boy, girl friend told he died, is lying in a clump of lilac sent her boy in the world, but to leave the boy to write a letter, said she loved him, and his love is love, love he sent the lilac <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> everything, she said to the boy in after she left, don't be sad, don't be sad, can accept the other girl, also can send a flower girl, but you can't send lilac, for she said, he is only belongs to each between her and the secret. She called the boy every month to give her a bouquet of <a href="">swarovski wholesale</a> lilac grave, but can't deliver friend of Swarovski necklace designs, because she's so love is love in underground, the boy ate his girlfriend, she said she vinegar is stingy. The letter is a faint fragrance of Swarovski earring components, the boy felt clove letter in the girl's <a href="">swarovski uk</a> breath. He finally no and now, but the girl engaged frantic ran to the hospital.
In a hospital bed, boys and girls saw the smitten. But the girl but cannot see the boy. The boy in the hospital, because he didn't cry tears, look at the time <a href="">swarovski crystal</a> has come to the hospital and cried out. There is nothing worse than apathy, the girl left at the same time, also took the boy's heart. The boy thought girls just sleep a stubborn, sleeping, his life to protect her, and he will choose for her an ideal place to sleep. The boy finally <a href="">swarovski rings sale</a> chosen, he met in their place, a place full of lilac mountains.
The girl, boy, girl in the ears of the girl said, this place murmurs do you like Swarovski necklace and earring set? The boy stubborn thought she was asleep can hear him. The boy with his hands for the girl was dug up a sleep lightly <a href="">swarovski ring box</a> crypt, she put in, for her carefully, do not cover the earth, and in the boy's eyes, isn't that soil, it is a quilt.
The boy didn't contacts another girl, also has not married, because of his love for her, because of his love is her to a distant place of Swarovski necklace patterns, because he <a href="">swarovski crystal rings</a> believes that she can wake up one day, because he said, let her become the world's most beautiful flowers in the happiest bride.
The boy alive, he is not strong, but to live for you belongs to him and her lilac alive Swarovski charm necklace. Every boy and every girl came to send flowers are lilacs, though the mountains are <a href="">swarovski jewellery rings forever ring</a> lilacs, but the boy who is that girl's guardian, lilac, he cannot bear his pick of girls in the underground lonely, more afraid of girls woke up to see the lilac dale, so he would rather spend money to buy the lilacs.