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Heartbreak to end

If is parallel to the word, also can be separated by a certain distance distantly faces, at least, not overlap, won't have lost, Can be used as the intersection line, but the moment we meet after build on the fate of the subway, run in opposite <a href="">bracelets jewelry</a> directions.
Possible, and you may itself is an accident, being in love with you is a mistake, so we are destined to with heartbreak to end, just, I did not expect, you hurt me so deep, you give I wound was time anoint uneven.
I remember, you and she is introduced by <a href="">pandora wholesale</a> me, you are my favorite people, and she is my best friend, is my most trusted, but unexpectedly, eventually, you is the most intimate. I admit, is my weak, have been reluctant to admit you with her relationship is not unusual, thus repeatedly lie to ourselves, repeatedly self persuasion, comfort myself, forcing oneself trust we remain intact.
That day we had a terrible argument, both you and I no worse, I don't understand, always very spoiled rather my why you would get so <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> harsh, the day after, you me as if nothing had happened, just, we also no longer talk.
When you are with her 147cm flirting I just know, and I wasn't good enough, but you have changed, but I've been deceiving us. This is a novel in the drama, I unexpectedly, should be so lucky let I encountered. I don't want to guess, you <a href="">bracelet jewelry</a> with her close is true or acting, because I'm tired, I don't want to accommodate you, but I don't think again as they were, for your intimate turn a blind eye.
I sometimes think, leading to the ending of the reason what am I too cowardly, still she intervention, or is your firm? However, all this has no use. Party of that day of, you and she sat in a corner, close, and pretends I see friends talking and <a href="">pandora jewelry store</a> laughing. When you sing the back, I love ", my eyes blurred, because I know, although love can come back, the time has don't come back, and I, I also don't do a third party to a third party.
When classmates sent you, I went there, looking at you of figure, the in the mind have said not to come out of pain. When you boarded the train separation, suddenly I found, you and I are two intersecting line, I at its own orbit you into <a href="">bracelets jewellery</a> my world, give me happiness of illusion, gives me deep pain, finally, you laughed off along the track, you towards the next person...
Yesterday from friends heard of you and her news, in the heart of pain, understood: love, will not give your body harm, but, it will be in your heart the softest place ruthlessly pierced the table, When it went away, it still can leave called memories things as a memory, whenever midnight, infiltrate your dream, remind you, oneself once <a href="">pandora charms</a> more silly.
Snowy days I will heap in the snow a snowman, write your name, your letter photographic send you said so ugly, You pile of a snowman photography to me, I reply: better than my more ugly. So I learned to the world without fixed words only special feeling!
You are my angel, in my lord quiet waiting, such as vale orchids, and let me taste in spring water is clear, the spring water turbidity <a href="">genuine pandora jewelry</a> palpitation. You tell me: people light should cherish now, you gently told me: would you order me to wait for a long time. I know the winter finally still going to snow; angel will ultimately back to his own heaven.
Once upon a time! I was only angels, but an angel dark, in the boundless darkness swallowed too many creatures, so folding wings. From punishment against the sea trek road h., all people wouldn't forgive me.