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You are in my heart

He was a stern man, wrote a word so I guess I was a puzzle master, but deliberately pretending to guessNot the word, but, with him thus far. two hearts charm-redCoast to Coast, he and I meet every day, no longer playing charades <a href="">links</a> in the If the intersection of two hearts glow when the changes in time and space to die, then to a nearly forgottenIn front of the links of london raindanceenemy is almost impossible - even if the love thing of the past, memories will always be dug out old things, such as the releaseThe unit arrived a few years ago, Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm and constant <a href="">links london</a> live door. Newcomer to my students very strong emotional, Hang it in a timely mannerShow me gradually adapt to this small community. Repeated daily monotony of life, and he that seven or eight years old military serviceSoldiers, often my students Lovestruck necklace,pave diamondhad joined the army at night on the drink, disgruntled. I was the first female university unitStudents, all eyes <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> will be very complicated. In this to work, study, living together of a man's unitNature alone can not make everyone proud of me are accepted, my days are very sad, frustration heavy, so To many enthusiasts, we often sat after dinner can shine in the sunset of my small house, with the reading of plaintive sadnessWhen I hear <a href="">links of london bracelets</a> about the Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm movement, I would not want to leave it. That evening, already late autumn, some daysCold, Hang to my room listening to music. I stood beside the couch he was sitting, watching him look drunk, eager to drown in hisBlue water links london sweetie necklacewaves. He took my hand and told me that there is a met a girl 7 years, wrote him <a href="">links of london stores</a> a word.Then he told me to close my eyes, in my Black Friendship Bracelethand to write a word and asked me what that meant, and that when thisI really wrote the word. Themselves, but did not say some curious out some stubborn. In the evening, say no go call friends, friendsAsked me why I do not knowWith the new Corps I went to look c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charmforward to training. 3 months after the <a href="">links rings</a> return units, most want to see is constant, but did not fin He came back. I dare not ask him anything, only to secretly look at his eyes, eyes still full of melancholy. I do notDare to think he would write the word I saw the birth of his trace of a smile and a glimmer of hope, dreams of miracles.Days passed, my dream a little bit broken, the reality in entirely sure, I accepted the ice. Over the past few years, he and I have a wife, a husband, we are no longer warm, no embarrassment, not to <a href="">links of london charm bracelets</a> meet andDo not dodge, but because of him think links of london gingerbread man charmof the word, like I should not say this word Has been asked to links of london sugar cane ringwrite the word ice, ice, said there is no mean thing. Told him my story, he opened his mouth said: Reprinted from: