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Links——Happy to Lead a Happy Life

In this way over several days leaders have intention to not intentional of started looking for my chat and told some helps me to work for the word, I started with his father at the same age of boss have a worship and respect. Unexpectedly this is just the beginning friendship bracelet. One evening the <a href="">classic links of london heart necklace</a> friend home, he called me word the office.
Night such as yarn, or such desolate long, waiting for my still is lonely erosion and lonely accompany links bracelets. Look up, the window one song mid autumn, scattered fluorescent, as if a dim world howled changeability accustomed sky, some just from the calm and let weak links of London charm bracelets. I heard the lonely sobs. I looked at old wait. It is in a dream of narcissism.
All of the <a href="">links of london raindance</a> shallow moans light sing all became sadness, pain and despair eyes. The clock's nightmare, it is so easy to me toward the blind alley, leaving a harness shell, the soul not flies to where links bracelet... Listening to the one after another, the mood with song, sad tears hit wet face, seem the wound hasn't healed. Pain is really hurts.
Originally, all this is caused by him, I am a sad child, lonely, and you chose me. Loneliness is destined, <a href="">links london sweetie bracelet heart charm</a> destined to appointment with me. Want to cut broken oath and tear up the contract links of London sweetie bracelets. Turn head a see, only desolate and without according to... I'm really tired, tired to ready to drop.
As the rose <a href="">links of london</a> fragrance incense mark already links of London sweetie, the mortal world so sad disregarding from, let me and we have become the main characters in the story. But I had stories different result.
The lock of <a href="">links london charms sweetie bracelet</a> the brow, lock all the events of the past links of London sweetie rings. The fireworks years are the achievement of all the departure. Listen to, those songs no song, adjustable a note tunes, and still don't want the world of mortals true-or-false, still not pay attention to those earthly fireworks, forget how long started so appearance, only vaguely remember, all is the young frivolous lower, <a href="">links silver jewellery</a> once I also lead a happy-go-lucky life a.
Fingertips, a co uses cigarette, I've turned into the edge of smoke, also refers to the ash or sheep, at least, are located very close I could hear that respiration links of London sweetie ring. I began to have more time to laugh at you. Then, I hide in smile in the tears... Broken person intestinal, <a href="">london links</a> pain, really hurts. Loneliness, become my faithful playmate, Lonely, become a dose of medicine. Words are the feelings of the harbor, reposing.
Text, storing sad warehouse filled with pain. Month confusion, be miserable. Deciduous tears, is away from ruin. Is hurt? Is the pain? Is sad? Time grew up silently, but I couldn't find the answer by now, <a href="">links of london sale</a> is oneself dare not face?
Out of the window, the moon is still the same miserable, is trying to tell me, in fact, you are not alone? I faint smile links of London ring, I just think of originally I am not alone. Have you accompany at me nearby, don't let me alone, not let me lonesome. Only you walked with me to the end of life, <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> let me no longer lonely.
When all the time dilute the forgotten, I wander in the edge of the past, forgotten, walk in the lost the way can't find his way back links of London. Today I was the one quiet solitude of looking for his way <a href="">links of london charm</a> back tomorrow.