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World darkness

Familiar and stretches of voice: "warm, I'm coming." Warm watched he smiled, vast, originally, for here is just this sentence.
"You know? Just far see you sit on the ground of <a href="">gucci jewellery online</a> appearance, I like again saw crouches on the ground protection fat green you, as a long time, and is like yesterday." He sat beside the warm gentleness say.
Yes, everything like yesterday, all can start from yesterday, you don't have a girlfriend, I never lost, I must loudly tell you my love for you. However
"How did you know I was <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> here?"
"Isn't it, you this irritating the guy, you said not often online, I waited and waited, and waiting for such a long time, you just say cannot always online, the result is don't online, you know I seek you find how hard? How many calls, played turned how much personal?
Warm just fell <a href="">gucci</a> silent.
"Well, I know your father died passed just let it down, everything will start again, will be okay, okay?"
"Start again? May? Really, will be okay?"
His eyes fortitude far-reaching, which seemed to see can save her light, but, this light, why but pieces of glistening is getting lost, pain why silently <a href="">gucci shoes online</a> incoming, and ultimately to world darkness.
Until she awoke, lying in a strange room inside, aches and was no strength, only let her reassuring to him, he is still there, facing her standing by the window and looked out the window, but why, his figure was so lonely, with a tearful melancholy.
She wants to call him, but he could not speak. But he <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> looked back to her, deep secluded to eyes with uneasiness, constraint, cherish, pain. She asked: "what's the matter with me?"
He said softly: "be ectopic pregnancy, has to do the surgery, and should do not have what problem to warm, you"
Is there more cruel than this sentence words, there's no more damaging than this sentence by Change tell her, more a collapse, overturned, destructive forces. Warm eyes closed and can't see him, her love, her deep attachment, she forever lovesickness, she outpolling the most beautiful poem, most real dream ah, destined to lose, forever <a href="">gucci handbags</a> lost, then disappeared.
I believe, it all, was the arrangement of the heaven, I also believe that, if you wish to me, go, in that distant and trace the source of humility above, we finally understand each other. However, I was going to miss today, and you depart, the rest of my life has become a stranger. Warm slowly opened my eyes, Cañar a smile: "I, I married, haven't told your child, he know it, to be disappointed."
When we lose has become a habit, when the pain has paralysis, everything will continue, everything will pass. Warm or learn seriously, calmly count the days. Change study also is very nervous onerous, but to warm his can always will <a href="">gucci jewelry uk</a> time squeezed like the water in sponge, a free, will from another city come and see the warm, sometimes stay on greater half day, sometimes, for several hours.
Warm and joy to his arrival, after all, at least they or close friends. They often just find a coffee sitting, their busy doing homework, warm, he may skillfully banging on the notebook keyboard write reports, occasionally, looked up and looked at each other smiling.
Came to America after the education system, to them have the trifle understanding, warm just know American medical to undergraduate course graduation after you read, 4 years and 4 years is 8 years, not including intern time, competition and <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> pressure of the big can't imagine, she doesn't know how to put Change 8 years of books to read aloud for five years, but she understood why he hasn't time often online, maybe he even eat and sleep time is not enough, come according to his pronunciation of the new words. She has times feel very don't understand of ask him: "how can think of studied so hard?"