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Great love in your life

To walk, every river to see such a view: a white-haired old frame, pushing the wheelchair, in consideration of the wife of the sidewalk. Man may from time to time in his ear duck whispered asked him not cold, cold, and
<a href="">links of london</a> let not wheelchair here stop near a links of London store... Each man will always ask word, efforts turned to look at her eyes. I understand that old man is in his eyes, reading her emotions and desires as a leader of links of London jewelry shopMan with a links of London watch always choose one place stop, then took out a thin blanket, spread in cement on the steps, carefully will hold her from the wheelchair to thin <a href="">links</a> blanket, and then sit together, she helped to listen to the water. Every day, watching them leave figure with friendship bracelet , I think the lyrics, "the most romantic matter", although never see the old man with two hearts charm-red said a word "love", but they are seen most overflowing waves. In a construction, see this scene, a Sichuan’s workers out of home to sell Love struck necklace, pave <a href="">links of london bangles</a> diamond, he didn't return for his wife came from his hometown came to see. At that moment, the people all around are expecting them after a long separation of moments, nobody thought, the man said: "this is the word of the harvest smile?" Chinghai women to man said, "Your hair is <a href="">links london charms</a> so long, ignore the same links of London ring."I neither visited a couple, they last century 70 in the wilderness, in the final analysis, they meet hand nor ever, only can meet every day. Later, the man and the woman was in Shanghai, he is such a northeast 16 years, during which <a href="">links of london charm bracelets</a> many people came to the woman, match-making. Until 16 years later, a man again after a long history and took her as his wife to wear her links of London triple ring. In this story, I still have a love and we both wear links of London sweetie necklaces, but is magnify, appealing.In my impression is that Chinese couples, they can share life and death, unswerving life, they <a href="">Links London Necklaces</a> can be done for him, they also can endureallyouth,disappointment, but unwilling to wait to say the word "love". The inside of the emotion, unique for Chinese, it is a kind of more deep love just as links London sweetie bracelet heart charm, the love, the love is Chinese. The Chinese love in <a href="">two hearts charm-red</a> heart, only has eyes and mouth, but not the love, you see, hear, and it is everywhere, the ever-present. This kind of love has melted in the eyes, a movement, understanding, just like every day life in the sun, every day life in the air. The great love of wordless; this may be the best Chinese love. This is love, we need to cherish the person we love. Reprinted from: