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Love carved on the door

Sandman postmeridian sunshine, interns in the hallway laughing loudly. I dragged heavy boxes, across the veranda; pairs of eyes ground to looking at me and have a look at the links of London sweetie watch. I feel like a face, spicy hot burns to pain. Rapid fled to his dormitory near a links of London store, the corridor is a: not so fat, girls!This year, my love, 22, especially for long-term use of age <a href="">links of london</a> but serious illness, hormone figure with a links of London gingerbread man charm went away. They said I was injured. From that moment, I knew she was here also is lonely. On Monday, a person to Iwaki check-in. Walk in front of me was a tall boy with a Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm, T-shirt, jeans, a long hair, and figure is very good-looking, I gently with behind him. He suddenly turned a corner, face, sun: "hi, you have to report about links of London jewelry?" I don't naturally so shrinkage, nodded.He and I share in medical practice. Every morning, I passed him, he will not keep y: "hi, early!" I walk in front, restrained himself heart, I think he has looked at me behind the links of London factory, must regret. Hence, I intentionally <a href="">links london</a> slow lonely walk until fall behind him. He stopped walking, and waits for me to give me a classic links of London heart necklace. Hence, and he walked side by side, my heart jumped vague.Practice is not lax, life Yangzi school discipline, not heavy course, you are free. Love is the age, the pattern of the flood. Practice in pairs generated in dangling from sight. My heart is ready to melt the sadness and accept rain dance. Hence, I go to hospital, very early every day after work, he ran into nobody alone, looking at the sky, full of imagination to open a links of London silver shop. He's back; he is full of sunshine smile in your mind, hang more frequently. However, I immediately and how ironic: my ordinary! How could he like me? Besides, I slept in the upper lily has secretly for him to knit scarf. Several times, he saw lily and walk back, even so humorous. My heart is pulled very tight. Hence, to see him, I'll hide. I am <a href="">links london charms</a> afraid; I will see him sadder to throw his Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm. Lily and he walked together, I expected. Interns, only I was alone. I suddenly felt there has never been alone. Christmas day, interns organized a party. I didn't attend, a man ran into a quiet place to sit back very late. When the party didn't enter dormitory building, male and female can hear laughter. After the corridor from a dormitory, within a half drunk girl voice: "you drink, drink, who don't drink, who would like Tang... it Tang, nobody want." Laughter, hear a boy gravamen voice: "like Tang how again? I see her lovely than you!" I rushed back into the room, enfolding her cry to good <a href="">links of london rings</a> night. Quilt Lily: "return to scold piss me off, he doesn't love me, for I had to her."I was moved to want to cry. He is the only one not see me, and I will speak to the people. Lily and he fell out. Intern: he often about the right which nerve, how to her estranged and lily. He also became silent, eyes also strong face. Once, when passing his dormitory, I saw him lying in bed and look very pale. I think he must care for her, lily, is ill. My heart ache bilges bilge land. I say, lily, he was ill, you know? Lily white my one eye, I got out and say what? I think you should take the chance to. He had played many days of needle; I finally had bought some <a href="">sale</a> fruit to see him. He is very happy. Sitting beside him talk about them, the heart has not said happiness. He said, you can come with me? I tried to nod, the heart suddenly happy blossomed. The Valentine’s Day, we are prepared to valentine gift. I spent six days, five nights broken bottle colorful secretly stars. Then, put a tear of several small tear write notes into stars, to bury him. The bitterly stay until he came to me, saying, there is one thing I want to tell you, I to <a href="">Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm</a> you because I can they bully you, you don't get me wrong.My shame to drilling, dust, no longer even forgot heartache. Then, I'm afraid he is worried about the things that went out, so I will become everyone's joke. I lock you in the room, not dare to go. Few However, it's not like I thought so miserable that he didn't reveal it. I owe it to put a star has just started the heart back into the fold, quiet, humble girl. Occasionally there would be a visionary, but prince as unrealistic idea with Cinderella. Later, I didn't see him, he didn't come to me. Soon, he finished practice. What reason, I also don't know. Three months later, I graduate, was lucky enough to stay in the hospital work practice.Day has gone on to <a href="">links of london sugar cane ring</a> quietly passed four years. But, he is still in my heart beat, clearly. But I didn't ask him the news. I am well, the figure is restored. A call to my hang surgeon has said. Zhang is excellent, and grow somewhat like him. But I didn't choose him, because I knew, Cinderella shouldn't have the prince. A year later, I and a plain man married. Married life plain boring, we like two different worlds, which also go into life. Five years later, I adjust to "Iwaki" work; management trainee became one of my jobs. A new batch of interns comes again. Arrange intern accommodation, I had to come for years, his escape from the student dormitory painstakingly. Walking down the hallway, caused a heart suddenly SuAnne acerbity sour. He lived in the room, interns have begun to clean. I don't go out consciously, static, but the thoughts drifting back ten years ago. Reprinted from: