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His dream

Everyone must remember when in recruiting stone-sculpture the speech "I have a dream" -- that is imbued with a few classic lines, not because of its classical with Martin Luther King's speech can be comparable, but because it's not real, it's exaggerated, it's ironic effect, make we laughed chock with laughter. But if change mysterious and modesty too rang rang write oneself SiHua high city -- we say this <a href="">gap card</a> some rowdy guy, his dream is to make steel even seven become of the group, the time to shoot knife brother even ground find tooth, you will find it ridiculous?

The company has a glorious history should be many, nothing gained commander of the door should also many (background dissembles also cannot airborne for battalion or group of), mischievous jumped jumping commander of the should also many, but how many will those proud history and tradition <a href="">gap sale</a> inherit and carry forward, let elder people in GuoPoGuWang moment infuse the sense of responsibility, sense of honor and pride, in such a peaceful age also can penetrate into bone marrow, pride, for boiling?

But high city of soldiers are hemorrhagic, arrive where all to be a top - one that is his IP out, because we know, <a href="">gap shirts</a> not steel even the seven each soldiers like MaXiaoShuai that students soldier better-heeled, not all like him even in the face of oncoming as commander ceremony fist without fear, solemn oath let person blood surging, Because we know the history and present once saying-more than three as much pain and know wu 61 once like saying-more than three is as helped make the mud, but they now a is steel seven even the best monitor, the best weapon, another is the most dishes of soldier, can carry a mountain, they are <a href="">gap women coat</a> high city most proud, for the baby's soldiers...

What forges, how to oneself use picking bones, can stimulate a company hemorrhagic, and they mingled as steel, condenses the collective, pancha-dhatu a sharp knife, enthusiastic and energetic, everywhere avoid colliosion more difficultly, yet make public may confidently, let a person take orally? Maybe we <a href="">gap blouse</a> can from high city dormitory is hanged on the wall of the word, "the word of KuiBaoYiBan soldiers, often will stay, be short of one cannot" (by zeng guofan corpus), is he always remind ourselves?

In the history of job-transfer command down after this, high city of temper, facing the instructor to persuade "you should from the commander's point of view," he face a window to answer some willfulness, <a href="">gap outlets</a> "let me consider question difficult!"

Yeah, steel even seven for high city, not a promotion springboard, more like a dream children built carries fairytale castle - there is pure, the simple one goggle will enter combat, but let just came in carsick dizzy to seven huns eight epinephrine saying-more than three big shout like this fighting spirit; There <a href="">gap men</a> full of challenge, everyone must set up an unreachable goals, into the past, but let the last-place unfeeling pit Lord BaiTieJun because leaving crying like a baby, There full of joy, can not let the company commander nap drove him into a corner watching uncreative abdomen round bar, water splashed into shower for the company commander in a good mood, "continued" encouragement, you can seize the commander bound to his mouth vague thing then in his poem leave after glumly out laughing... This castle in <a href="">gap shoes</a> high city eyes must be trend perfect, perfect in he heard someone to offer leave, will astonishment staggered! So let him send castle most precious thing, this is how shed?