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Do not give up dreams

If let me give up his own life to fulfill your happiness, I laughed to tears, I would like to say to yourself, for you were already live in my heart, now you go. But I love not, so I'd rather hurt yourself, in order to you, I want, I also want to tell you, originally I <a href="">pandora charms</a> always love you so much, just your carelessness, let me unknowingly love you, so sorry, forgive me secretly love you, love you.
Good-bye, goodbye, just when goodbye said after heart in tears, export because I know, this time with you to say goodbye, is the life is the last chance to <a href="">pandoras chains wholesale</a> say goodbye, and from then on I will keep the promise of and disappeared in your world.
I am not to bother you, but can do just go away, to leave all about you, leave acquainted with the crowd, leave familiar city in the distant horizon, I said to <a href="">pandora necklace discount</a> myself, I give you the last favour is hand release, without my fetters, you want to protect their own happiness, let me learn to hatred, make me forget you.
I in the distant place silently tears, forgot the time, forget the laughter, forgot myself, I tell myself that the world without you I can still life, I can cry, can weep aloud, I'm not sad, I will also falls in love with himself. The picture to really love plenty’s aesthetic feeling only, memories <a href="">pandora jewelry review</a> of weak heartache. Love, more gorgeous name, like blooms of poppies, so numb them and also let one retract a tingling fingers were petals.
Time wheels never stay, at least not stay for me, silently tell yourself, love is powerless to inherit the happiness with flowers, butterflies fly, the flower is tears, has a thing heartless, feeling already deep water when, love, just end gaunt once a dream, and when we wake up, they ceased to exist, it is now unreachable, let yourself in the lonely time to turn over the dusty memory, let <a href="">pandora jewellery box</a> oneself in weak memories learned in solitude, cherish lonely.
After a long time, the city neon shine into I hide at the end of the yellow leaves, buds, watching the float in the hair, I told myself, if only such as initial of fine, no future fate, if only perfect closing of love, no much appearance of appeal, all the <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> things like the fallen petal as running water, let a person beautiful memories, pain to let a person heart, if unable to embrace the love of happiness, then let the happy memories shining.
He said I like a child yes so <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> doesn't know any better. He says this sentence; I look at the transparent glass Windows, motionless. He never thought that my personality have done so. And if he knew my personality sometimes like a child yes naughty, love make but always yelled at me, does that really doesn't suit?
I see time in rotation in myself suddenly heroic grow up. In the adult world, accustomed to be misunderstood, scammed, forgotten...Heart, the first pain to look at them...Delete all his material. Inexplicable laugh! Well, I didn't remembered his telephone number, won't beat him call. I put the card away, so it won't someone harasses me.
Suddenly I found myself really choose the wrong. The man won't deceptive, not in my wayward soft when to say to me, obedient, lovely, obedient, don't make, Not in his busy time, I make a phone call past said, baby I'm busy, I'll call you, Don't play several phone <a href="">pandora rings</a> call in my past still don't know what I was thinking he regardless of annoyed with him in his favor the true reason.