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The road, a group of students from school

Rain, swallow went to the children's songs and singing in the mountains, tearing the dusk of calm and teacher not calm heart. Rushed out of the school gate, fly on the cliff, flies into the roar of the rain, wind Shouting. The teacher to rescue <a href="">oakleys</a> student, furnish, rouse ourselves into the stormy petrel.
The road, a group of students from school .The teacher called a name, voice shook the luxuriant hills. The left, cliff out his teeth, and right, deep canyons open gulp. The teacher of the heart in suspense, more terrifying than reefs, Rain <a href="">oakley glasses</a> heavily cliff, more than shark brutal.
Thunderbolt, concussion the cliff, but not concussion heartstrings, Rain, wet trousers, but not extinguish bosom flame. Rain a song of love dedication ring earth.
Graduation photo
The teacher sat in the middle, falling <a href="">oakley ski goggles</a> lofty one mountain. Female classmate squat down in the front and pumped-up waterfall hung in piedmont. Male classmate standing behind the teacher, a row of walked with the blue sky.
I cannot bear to see their fall into deep, gently up years colored film. In the summer, the solidified into beautiful moment, I excitedly press the shutter, give life added colorful cover. In order to make life memories, become eternal <a href="">sunglasses oakley</a> green, I put the teacher-student relationship binder, let each page become flash poetry.
Third, spring rain together under the Olympic flag
Author: in modest
Midsummer Beijing, light dove the flowery scorching sun, flags windward ostentatious, a song of "we met in Beijing" beautiful melody echoed in the air. The Yellow River and the Yangtze river, the great river north and south stuck <a href="">oakley minute</a> up captivating ambience, inside and outside the Great Wall joy, all fire up, three mountain mountains unique dancing. Everest in perpetuity, waving scablands, spanning the Great Wall opened the mountains, embrace carrying out wine, smiling welcome the guest friends from all over the world.
The August 2008 Beijing, the world vision for your focus, you make Oriental country with an ancient civilization reflect. From the <a href="">Cheap Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses</a> Mediterranean shore of the flame lit valued the bright, when endless enthusiasm apply to a drawing five thousand years bright sky, as the dream and passion collision, when life and movement hand in hand, in that the Olympic flag, in the beautiful crown of olive branch, glaring a another joy and delighted! Khrushchev nearly a century, arduous trek over nearly a century, we finally finished Olympic dream. 2008, have already stopped in people's hearts, "one world, one dream" theme labeled with <a href="">Cheap Oakley Polarized Goggles</a> ancient kingdom of forthright and broad, from the Olympic to Great Wall, from romantic Athens to the fantastic Beijing, it's not just China leap, but also the whole world leap.
Olympic sports beauty, beauty, beauty is in the eye of the competition, beauty in the transcendence, beauty in fairness, beauty in friendship, beauty is in progress and beauty in perfect, beautiful in rhythm, beauty in communication, beauty is in the eye of the fusion... Incentive athletes to the new world record shock. Each new <a href="">Cheap Oakley Polarized Sunglasses</a> record, all records the world calm to step; Each time the resolute sprint, proclaim the boldness and pursuit. Waving flags, to acquire the highest honor hoisted the flag state applause cheers! Embraced the trophies for the new realm sincere congratulations!
The good news of peace throughout the earth, let life and athletic photograph reflect, whether a blockbuster or dim and leave, when leaves when Olympia game, still applause like tide, although slightly contain the vicissitudes and sadness of flavor, the mood also must be like applause as ups and downs. But bumpy journey and no tears, because unfortunately road has mark a spirit --,