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Song Flowers

Song Flowers
Various Song flowers, woven drifts spring summer autumn fruit winter trees, grass is exclamation condition of the reactive, Thousands of branch silver willow 67000 plants cedar, coagulation built a transparent crystal clear, an regrets <a href="">oakley gascan</a> something strange providence. This is and sunrise, sea of clouds, tidal and called China's four big meteorological wonders of the 2006.
Understanding the 2006, you'll also know. Jilin and 2006 predestination, seems to be god destined, because there is a river, a originated in river, Korea is termed the creation of magic. "The river" is full of language of transliteration, meaning "heavenly <a href="">oakleys</a> river". "Jilin" is full of language, riverside meaning. The river twists and turns in inverse S form wear and the city, brought up "all castle peak three face water, a city of urban river mountain half charm.
Imagine the city's ancestors, they migration steps under this article and stop. Silk sides forested mountains, rivers rich waterfowl and let them see the hope of life, hence, lei stone set kitchen, frame tree made in this house, settled down. It is a kind of primitive and rough living condition, but it is wise choice. They picked this <a href="">oakley frogskins</a> place, he picked a treasure-house, and for later generations left welfare.
A city with developed based on the river, thus is such a world - a wonderland of 2006.
"2006" one word first appeared in the northern and southern dynasties Ed the is "in its explanation for:" cold ice like bead see daylight is away, thereof, 2006." This is more than 1,500 years ago the earliest recorded in literature of "2006" one word. And the <a href="">oakley clothing</a> most mysterious, when is the "send" the name of dreams. Late in the day, "said, when folk says for" dream send "2006, meaning that it at night when god sent people dream of weather phenomenon. Jilin 2006 hair cream shape, loose bodies, crystal shape, locals are vividly called "thousand-willow".
Every November late next year's early march, it is possible to view and admire 2006. Want to have enough formation and sufficient water <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> vapor temperature, two natural conditions and extremely harsh and contradictory. Built in more than 70 years ago the fullness of the hydropower station is just built such unique meteorological environment: the chill is seasonal, lake knot thick ice, from the bottom lake dam through the turbine flow of water but in above zero, then a stream of river flows through not frozen area. River from the air, evaporation large water vapor, huge <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses UK</a> temperature difference make water vapor condenses meets the trees along the glittering and translucent get rid of 2006, but mild temperatures, wind change can be caused deadly effect. 2006 is may meet but not seeking, sometimes bitter hoping a few days also tapes looks. Hence, they found the sign and delighted, as if but jackpot.
Cold winter night, walk on the Yangtze river, a enveloped the water-channel with the flow of water, the fog, visibility was insufficient <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles UK</a> head-on raids a few meters, is a step the fog did illusion. Korea knew, tomorrow morning, affirmation want on 2006.
Almost no one had seen the whole process of 2006 condensation, but who wills but can appreciate "like night of spring breeze comes suddenly" artistic conception. Have the day of 2006, just is the coldest moment, and yet people has seen "pear blossoms" spectacle. This is seasonal, or the god of the dislocation of the game? Roam in this world of ice and snow 2006 construction, people often produces like a dream unreal feeling, "everywhere colored glaze bounded, shun road body in palace". Indeed, this strange world, like <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses Discount</a> fairy tale, make you never know where not consciously sent heaven human sigh with regret.