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Chromatic diamond sort

Blue and white drilling 1.
A kind of pure like water same colorless transparent <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> diamond, especially among them with pale blue is the best. Such as "century star (Centenary)" etc.
GongZuan 2.
A pink to bright red transparent diamond, especially with bright-coloured <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry</strong></a> and scarlet person for rare treasures. Australia is the main source. (in Red colour drill grading only level is Fancy ep-red, no Fancy Intense, Vivid, garages ep-red)
3. Blue drill
A sky blue, blue to dark blue transparent diamond, among them <a href=""><strong>cheapst pandora</strong></a> with dark blue person for the best. This diamond with all other colors of diamond is different, it contains boron elements and provide conductivity. Because of its special rare, reason for rare treasures. If The name "Hope (The drill hoping)" etc, South Africa in pristina mill mining is The main source.
Green auger 4.
A pale green to green transparent diamond, mostly because crystal <a href=""><strong>pandora uk</strong></a> structure deformation and produce, color generally only in diamond surface, green diamond is not easy to have a bright color, green grassland in which the most bright green the <a href=""><strong>pandora box</strong></a> value of the province. Such as name ZhuoShi auden (The drill "Dresden)" is The world's largest green diamond.
Purple drill 5.
A lavender to purple transparent diamond, colorless diamond expensive than three times, especially the person for rare curiosa amaranth, the former Soviet <a href=""><strong>pandora charms wholesale</strong></a> union is the main source.
Color yellow diamonds 6.
A golden transparent diamond, non-ferrous diamond common breed, if The golden light color "coloring canary yellow", such as Tiffany nehemiah The <a href=""><strong>pandora charms online</strong></a> drill (name) its value and amazing, Tiffany 1983 estimated at that time have 12 million dollars.
Orange drill 7.
Orange is a mixture of yellow and red body tonal darker, usually a brown feeling, and pure natural colour orange drill in most exiguous rare. 1977 sotheby's <a href=""><strong>pandora chain size</strong></a> auction on oct. New York, Fancy Vivid 5.54 ct Pumpkin Diamond) with Orange (130 million for $sold.
Black auger 8.
Black diamond usually cannot serve as gem grade diamond, but The world name drill "Black ao luo fu (The Black Orloff)" allegedly is India ShengMiao set in The <a href=""><strong>cheap pandora chain</strong></a> diamond in iconography, also called brahman eye.