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Straight teaches death mutually. Here the so-called affection is refers to love? If it's affection, that I would be very favor say this words; If it is love, you will need to be researched... I have ever believe love, Once <a href="">oakley gascan</a> experienced passion, enthusiasm, Ever mind phase pity; Once the ancients praises love great many features. But that was ever, ever forever is past. Never representative permanently.
From when I was disappointed to love, for love prohibitive. I don't know when was this matter, just that firmly engraved on my mind. First love is let I believe in love, the belief that women's departure stand, at the same time first love is also let me to love disappointed, for women stop terminal. A girlfriend before <a href="">oakleys</a> everyone knows first love really is good and beautiful, just like I've seen the sentence is so say: "first love was unforgettable, cover for pure ". Yeah! First love is in our ignorant when contact of love, at that time we heart there is no money, rights of... Some is to the feeling of the other side, from inside out feeling, like sometimes we sometimes <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses</a> doing multiple-choice, first sense that option correct possibility is the biggest of all. In love is the process of we tend to recall for first love. What experience many have no feeling, like love break up much, have no felling, numbness. But we first - first love we never forget it, it is good, is worth us an entire lifetime to slowly tastes pure feeling. Maybe love is only far view, can't have that kind of happiness! I actually don't know is social blasphemes the love, will originally pure love pollution; Or the people of love, love <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses</a> value reduced. Sometimes I feel love is like a drama, experience beginning, development, high, ending. A play may not always be staged climax, climax and then ending of the moment. As winter has come, can spring be far behind? A truth. Whenever that those who spend all day lingering of love, I often wonder forever, for they have how far? Of course <a href="">oakley minute</a> I this may be very extreme! Perhaps this is a forever afterward wound it. That year I golden love is limitless scenery, a love I love girl all day, accompany me. Then feel sky is blue, the earth is green, nature is vigorous... Every day in the water, sweet love constant to a climax. But don't know, altitude deeply cold. She rebelled against me, and left me, has profaned my love. My world into darkness, it was dark, and the earth <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Discount</a> is gloomy, everything around is lifeless lost interest in everything. During that time, with wine to anaesthetizing self, wine but still forget pain after they wake up. The original taste of wine a momentary anesthesia pain, such as alcohol, of the strength, the pain is still after abreaction. Whenever pain, I often attack strolling in the playground, immersing himself in the dark. No <a href="">oakley prescription glasses</a> one knew who I was, no one will see my heart, I alone "share" my pain. Winter is cold, but still has so few on the playground without afraid cold attacks of lovers. They figure brought me back to the golden he , that love belongs to me and her love. Than now, that same like fairy tale world, where everything is a beautiful - and her hand to quietly in the park stroll, who walk tired when we find a stone, embracing sit...
At that time, I in the world of the weather is not from god the decision, but by my decision, I will my world everyday is spring, he everyday is spring. And now or I decide, just change garments according to the season, became a winter. Every day is cold, everyday in accepting suffering... People in no choice, love is the same, as <a href="">oakley shoes</a> long as you entered, you want to retreats is impossible. Love is like river's lake are same, just enter the time is very scene, but wait you tired, tired, leaving only body leave just, the soul is invisible fixed, and stay there.