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Something left it your heart

There are many excuses for stories of sadness, I love can last forever. The sound of a sad melody has desolate lyrics. Walking <a href="">links</a> along links of London store again, pain is suddenly by heart. Heart suddenly feels good, good ice lost hurts!On the keyboard fingers in the story, Links of London jewellery, whispering balderdash years to use text feelers to open enclosing cloud of smoke has been a dream for many years. Don't know whether the text can warm temperatures in the budding of feeling, don't know whether the compasses can text to life; don't know <a href="">links london</a> whether the words haven can warm the heart that once young.How long is everlasting, is always much? Faint heart never finds the pain. Perhaps no answer just had his persistence and stubborn deeply hurt you. Autumn, links of London charms, have slightly cool. Stop the night in the habit of taking a walk after work. Shut down <a href="">sweetie bracelet</a> curtain, hut also closed all the world of mortals. I seem to love oneself habit or face yourself. Do not know this is sick, or self-affected. A cup of water and wind rise in the smoke, music in the lingering, memory is like the story is near, like clouds, have. In the past, if smoke appeared, links of London silver bangle, find some memory or thinking <a href="">links london sweetie bracelet</a> close-ups.I've been a night, with the devil's words. Like in other words to read his story, see his shadow, sing thoughts and love song. I always know this world is true, very realistic. Some real feelings, links of London heart charm, real <a href="">links jewelry</a> touched, let a person have some real flat-footed, let a person cannot accept. So in the night, I always listen to back-and-forth transcripts of wait a minute. So engrossed haunted many doubts as to the melody, with links London watch, my next minutes, we forget how this story? I'm an ordinary man, in the life currents, small <a href="">links charm</a> is a grain of sand, but with a heart of waves, didn't also face any harbor.Gradually I like the black night, like the night, like night of static. Like in the night, or concealed infinite happy or sad not hide? On the night, and I also like text on a sad. That is, life is the poison, links of London Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm, walk but I am still as usual in it. Slowly, slowly change their efforts and strong during the day. The layer gently dial, let oneself heart fly. At night, I carefully build framework of poetry. In the morning, just want to let you see my beautiful poem meaningful. Let every word and phrase are missing and loving threads, links London charm necklace let your lonely acacia tear down the window, let the lovesickness sail the boat <a href="">links of london bangle</a> was in your life, let fly at the lovesickness letterhead blue sky.The night, like a lamp, links London Black Friendship Bracelet watch a solitary shadow, listening to the songs of grief, keyboard fingers in the dancing lightly. Want to find your word words in the shadow, write story; we write our memories, we had to write. At night, I carefully listen to the song. Think in song, I also feel your loneliness. Mind acts upon mind feelings of thoughts and distressed. Night on the pulse of the life in evenly, touch, links of london Sweetie Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18ct Rolled Gold and fine temperature. Seeks So I want to fall in the pit, write text, you write a romantic affair, write the residual chapter suffered. Want to make the text in the night. Reprinted from:


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