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You once visited my world

To you, the arrival of maternal boneless gently with neither ambition nor hold that copy of fear.
I am too ignorant and don't know how to do when <a href="">diesel jeans discount</a> the mother good and sacred preparations, more silly is ate some shouldn't eat the medicine, I don't even know if you want to come to this world.
I feel you from the moment, the body's organs and like new assembly machine parts, total break-in less than a voice, slightly <a href="">diesel zaf jeans</a> away, vomiting, dizziness, can't eat lasted a long time. When can you stretched out arm kick do gymnastics, I order can be transferred to the county organs from township, resolutely carrying you work together to the provincial <a href="">diesel men</a> capital, learning spool typewriter operating methods.
Face the unfamiliar machine and web input method, and for me, so difficult! Upon the eczema blain, increased gradually to the evening Jinan bear hard. I can’t help it tears when you must also cry because you move too became ill. Are <a href="">diesel tops</a> you in love with my opinion: let's go, there are father and peace and warm home. I would! But how can I give up such a precious opportunity? Bite a tooth insists!
Tough half months had passed, and take you back to the home. But I started causeless a nosebleed, and sometimes it'll take a lot of trouble to stop to stand. You seem more fidgety; often put my ribs pedal live pain. One day, you the survival <a href="">Diesel Jacket Sale</a> of seawater was nine SUNS Hengan scared I hurried to the hospital, the doctor listened to Taxiing tone, said to go back! Have what problem at any time.
That night I lay in bed, with anxiety heart, open tired eyes staring at night to risking sparkle light. I sober and pain experience with your life a journey. Digital number less than 100 is a painful cycles, each time the pain is you with the <a href="">Diesel Sunglasses Sale</a> biggest strength in the fight. I want to cry, but again and dense ache lets me have no energy to cry, only feel darkness and air pour place pervaded the pain. I tried to feel you to find out what's the matter with you? Do you want to do? Intermittent terrorist attack me. At four o 'clock in the morning, risking biting cold wind, wobbled, plumper arrive at <a href="">diesel sale</a> the hospital. That morning really cold! The cold feeling in after almost 20 years remind of, vest still deeply wear coolness, and the road is too long! Stirrup bends when stretch when, twenty minutes away walked approximately one hour. When the doctor said hears taxiing sound, an idea occupied the whole heart: quick put the pain of armor from hath stripped! Baby, isn't my <a href="">diesel shoes</a> selfish, I am in the dark struggle too long; seem to see filled with vitality of sunshine. The heart has free the body; I want a result - either good or bad.
This week is made, you finally came into this world, but you have not belong to this world, while the doctor made of artificial respiration, booster injection, you could not send eclogue ring, had slipped away, just like you silently.
At that moment, all the pain peel me but go to, heart <a href="">diesel</a> instead made easier, turn head sideways micro Zhen fix attention on a distance, saw the black soft hair, in dim hear from the distant sound "hydrocephalus," figure wobble, buoyed ran. Till I wake up, already lying in the ward.
Life is so light? Light is that the only soft landing in heart, and Xingjian pain stabbed me black hair.
Similar dreams appeared again and again: I Zukav camp in river edge cut back, filled with moving snake, frightened cry, every time is you father <a href="">diesel jeans</a> I woke, in a cold sweat already wet body. He is anxiously said: you are so down how line!
No matter do with no, originally 45 days of vacation, I only had a rest for 30 days will work. Stone on the typewriter keyboard percussive let my heart beats powerful rise, gradually, you just my brain a blurred image. I know life is doomed to lose many things, also can get a lot of things, you that fleeting moments of life, we do not have doomed fate, and can't have you feminine body, you have attached me more than six months, the <a href="">diesel clothing</a> night of pain, you are immediately completed ought to spend more than a month to finish the into the basin process, we can't hear you call a sound mom and dad, but no matter where you are, we are your most close relatives. Disaster in the way when you came, he has been I planted; End, is you give me the most painful forever the punishment.
I would not easily to people from mentioned; you quietly the deepest live in my heart. Because: That winter, you once visited my world.