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We leave you near!

That live in the sea by fishing a young couple living on a time to lay the fish, shipped to the city to sell, sold out after the husband and wife through a jewelry store when the wife saw that the <a href="">links of london</a> windows trimmed with large diamonds ring envy, and muttering that if one day I can take this ring just fine. If his wife was standing next to her husband heard and recorded in the heart. They are poor rely on subsistence fishing, how to buy this diamond ring near the price, it is utterly impossible for you, but it is often difficult to predict that people saw the diamond from his wife <a href="">links</a> after the husband fishing every day, more diligent, morning and afternoon rain prodigiously, every time elapsed since the jewelry store selling fish will always touch their own pockets, said: We leave you near! ! Year, ten years, three years ... ..., a husband and wife when they married 50 years when the anniversary, when her husband out with trembling hands carefully packaged sinking <a href="">links of london sale</a> ring when his wife silly, that she completely remember, I said why do this. His wife's hand and helped her husband told her: Honey, remember that 50 years ago we passed jewelry store ... ... ... ... hear his wife crying, looked at her husband worked hard for the <a href="">links of london charms</a> sun and the moon and back arched, holding his Double Sheet calloused hands over a long time able to pronounce words ... ... and finally she said something: I would rather die in front of you before, so I can be happy to die of old age! !In fact, love is a lasting commitment to finally know the diamond wealth for love and nothing to do, it <a href="">friendship bracelet</a> is a lifetime pursuit and perseverance. Diamond man is such a man ah. Man rich or not really does not matter that he is willing to pay more for you Less? How much patience? How much tolerance? How much to bear? ... ... Whole life around us there are too many lies, too many promises free throw, every day we face the hypocrites rampant ... ... Perhaps <a href="">links of london bangle</a> the life of every woman there somewhere that a fisherman, as capricious, as proud as a fit of anger ... ... she missed. May have to wait until experienced a lot of ups and downs, only to find the person you are not stick to the lips a lifetime love you man. People who really love life, your wishes and preferences of your mind ... ...An old glass maker to remove a small piece from the furnace molten glass, readily lost on one <a href="">links of london silver</a> side, made him a diamond-shaped glass cemented, so destined to happen with this story. Fengyun than glass was a little boy discovered, has been treasured collection of a camel. However, the stepmother saw the unruly glass mistaken for a rare diamond. So she took the boy where he robbed, and those who own the diamond together.