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New Video - She Ain't You!

Chris dedicates this video to his biggest inspiration of all time, Michael Jackson, and drops the visuals for his latest track, "She Ain't You."

Watch it below and tell us know what your favorite part is in the comments section!
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  • I loved the video, the video is amazin' and great, no one could do it better than Chris Brown :)
    by Kristinasmith on 5月 4, 2011 午前31 12:12午前
  • GOD!! I ♥ that song much and much more,He'll be my idol forever,you make me wanna dance and sing along with you [when i open your songs x)] SHE AIN'T YOU: One of My Fav too [ Normally i♥it all songs,all album x3]
    by Satangsd on 5月 3, 2011 午後31 11:11午後
  • all i can say is wow, this is one of my favourite songs and the fact that its dedicated to one of the greatest entertainers of all time is even more amazing, ILOVEYOUHHHH MICHAEL JACKSON AND CHRIS BROWN u are both my favourite artists in the whole universe and u both have been an inspiration to me in music and dance <3 u bpoth are just truly amazing and im glad that u chris brown are just a fabulous artist :) I LOVE Chris Brown AND MICHAEL JACKSON (RIP...) xoxooxoxox
    by beeloveschris97 on 5月 3, 2011 午後31 9:09午後
  • All I can say is I Love this video and the fact that its dedicated to one of the Greatest Artist Off all Time.... Makes me even more excited I love the song and the video I'm a huge fan Of Both Chris & Michael Alwayz have been Alwayz will be Love You Guys...♥♥!
    by ammale26 on 5月 3, 2011 午後31 7:07午後
  • this is one of my favorite songs and i really luv the video for it
    by Sherbet on 5月 3, 2011 午後31 3:03午後
  • i love it
    by missdrea321 on 5月 3, 2011 午前31 11:11午前
  • amazing in every way!! every vid he makes becomes a fav :)
    by TeamBreezyDoesIt on 5月 3, 2011 午前31 10:10午前
  • SHE AINT YOU : i love that song , but the video makes it 10X amazing :D *chris brown is VERY talented and blessed* he took his time to dedicate that video to -->(M.J)<-- R.I.P :) one of his BIGGEST idols EVER!. stay focus, keep doing what your doing and life will be great xD xoxoxo , tacoss <3 :-*
    by tacoss BIT-H on 5月 3, 2011 午前31 10:10午前
  • ♥_♥ Oh my f***ing God! I have to capture this moment. I just witnessed one of the most iconic,inspirational and beautiful pieces of work ever. =) You dedicated this vid to one of the most LEGENDARY artist in the world and YOU DID HIM SO PROUD. I know he is just smiling down on you. Christopher you are one amazing and talented artist of todays music. If you havent noticed you are an inspiration for many men and women. Im just proud to say that I have lived a life with you in it. God bless you CB. I love you so much. Keep up the AMAZING work. I LOVE YOU.♥
    by CBsHardNow on 5月 3, 2011 午前31 12:12午前
  • The video is just amazing, Chris Brown is a wonderful performer, a great Artist, he is able to deliver MJ's spirit. Thank you Chris for doing your job, we need you, the world without you would never be the same. R.
    by aviastar on 5月 2, 2011 午後31 10:10午後