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Video Premiere: "All About You"

Chris put together this video for "All About You". Like the song, its simple, upbeat and positive. It even features a quick look back at C Breezy's recent videos. Enjoy.

ALL ABOUT YOU ( PREMIERE ) from tony harper on Vimeo.

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    by voguefashion on 9月 3, 2013 午前30 10:10午前
  • nice song , i love you <3
    by RiveraK21 on 11月 3, 2011 午後30 8:08午後
    by fllrbrttny on 9月 10, 2011 午後30 10:10午後
  • chirs brown hot teambrezzy all day
    by teambrezzyboyrese on 9月 3, 2011 午後30 10:10午後
  • I just heard All about you. <3 By: you <3 ;D It was a fantastic song, my new favoritee! Love you,your voice,&style. <3 Love always, Celeste T. :D (C_Treezy)
    by ChristopherMaur... on 8月 30, 2011 午後31 10:10午後
  • You look amazing in this video u have several different styles i like on you your voice is getting even stronger and even better like wow its so mind blowing... man i love me some chris ?<3!
    by Roy_Babes on 8月 30, 2011 午前31 3:03午前
  • Team Breezy Supports You , Chris <3 I Love You , -Sincerely Kea
    by -Sincerely Kea on 8月 29, 2011 午前31 12:12午前
  • i think we should do a fan made video on one of his songs something like how all the fans of Michael did on behind the mask
    by -Sincerely Kea on 8月 29, 2011 午前31 12:12午前
  • ChrisBreezy "all about you" i enjoy dis song its a positive song good job chris brown
    by 816countrygirlc... on 8月 27, 2011 午後31 2:02午後
  • Awesome Song!!!
    by Bella10 on 8月 23, 2011 午後31 12:12午後