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유Gяошїиg ραιηѕ웃 ╰☆╮ A WIMPy Kidd Production 11/26

<ul> <li>PROLOGUE</li>

APRIL 2011

Birds chirped outside the window annoyingly And the sun began adoring the side of my face a little too lovingly, letting me know that morning was here. My own personal alarm clock.
The arms that held me from behind squeezed tighter around me as their owner snuggled closer as I shifted to try and get the sun off my face.

<em>Get up, Ava..<em>

I thought to myself, squeezing my eyes tighter trying to get back to sleep. I knew it was a contradiction within itself, but it had been a long night.

All I wanted to do was lay there. Just... Lay there. Yet when I heard small feet pitter patter across the hard wood floor I knew it would never happen.

"Mommy!" A small voice squeaked close to my ear.

"Mom! Mommy! Mom!" <em>Ohhhhhh!!!! MY GOD! </em>

"Mommy, is you woked up yet?" My 5 year old son Aquarius bugged, tugging the pillow that I'd just snatched over my head in an attempt to ignore him.

It took everything in me not to beg him for the infamous <em> Five more minutes.</em>

"Why do kids always ask that when they know you're really not?" I muffled through the pillow, cracking open my eyes for the very first time this morning.

"No, Really!" Quarry pleaded. " I'm hungwry, and Aries ate the rest of my Coco Pups and she say I cant Have her Cap and Crwunch cuz i cant put on clothes." He tattled, Mispronouncing words that only <em> he </em> could figure out how to mess up.

I tried not to laugh at my baby as I removed the pillow from my face to see that his brownish orbs were welling with tears. He had on some courteroy pants (that I still hadn't forgiven Harley for buyin for my baby) that were unbuttoned and zipped, which was to be expected, but the hilarious part was that his head was through the left sleeve of his inside out Transformers shirt, while his arm hung out the neck hole like a tree limb.

"Baby, look at your son." I chuckled, nudging my backside against my husband to rouse him from his sleep.

If I had to get up, then he had to as well. Especially for this.. It was classic.

"Aaaavaaaaa!!" He whined through his slumber, releasing me from his grasp so that he could sit up

"Im tryna sleep, you know last night you..... Nigga wtf you got on?? How??" He questioned, makin the <a href="">stink face</a> at our baby.

"Dont be lookin at my son like that foo!" I chastised, removing the thin covers from myself and slipping on my glasses and slippers as I got out of the bed.

"Come on son." I smiled, tugging the shirt over his head and picking him up.

"Let's go see what yo sister talkin bout." I cooed to him

As I made my way down the stairs thinking of what I was going to say to Aries about being mean to her brother <em>this</em> morning I thought of how far i'd come. Each morning it was something else with these too. Which had oddly enough become the most exciting excitement of my life.

It was strange... Strange how we got here. Me and Shad I mean.

I wasn't exactly the "type" he usually went for, and he wasn't.... well, he was <em>Shad</em> the kind of guy that I shouldn't have gone for. And <strong>we</strong> were Far from the kind of people to be settled down in a not so modest home with 2 kids and a mut.

Don't get me wrong, It was <em> never </em> easy and we fought it as much as we could in the beginning.. Had to go through a lot of things, loose a lot of people and grow up in a lot of ways before we realized that the pains that we were going through separately, we were meant to go through together...

I'll tell you the story... Of our lives.. Of our Loves, Our friends. Our Enemies...

I'll tell you the story of our <strong> GROWING PAINS......</strong>
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It starts off slow but after a few runs i'll post chapter 1.


Run it

This was a good story why did you stopppppp

Okay so because I loved this story and it was my 2nd favorite on the board I read from page 14 to 1 just to refresh my memory now please run this so I can see what happened after Harlem and julissa gave Bree the ass whooping of her life and what deniro is gonna say or do when he finds out about what Bree did to lil one

And Bree stfu hoe lol ill talk to her how I want to talk to her

run it

Aye hoes I got hair !

Nayzay light red asx better shut up lol
. . . I did miss you though ^bats eyelasges*

Haha. Yup. That b*tch still aint got no hair.

And f*ck you Nic lol. Don't talk to her like that!

i kno who you are Gabby krabs! ♥ i was tryna figure out who the eff theuglygirl was.. but now i think its that balhead chick i love..

awwwe missed you too missy lol

this is gabby by the way if you aint know :)

Lol stfu


waaaaaaaaattt there's no "edit" button anymore?? That blows big c**ks..... ijs..

duuuudeeeee! i fkkn missed yall lil rats!

haaaaa!!!! Ya'll funny af! I did not ditch yall.. just took a vacay. lol But every time i checked on here it was dead as hell so i didnt post... but i wanna finish the s*** outta this so... here im is! ♥

NIC ole post watching asx

Nazzy yay u know how much I loved this story this is nic btw ; )

Her ole light bright ass dont knw nobody no more1


Nazzy! It's Bree. Ho you forgot about us when you got yo man!!! Lol

ahhhhhhhh i misss you lady :)

i've decided that i realllly wanna finish this... so i will.. even if no one comes on here anymore.... (does anyone come on here anymore??? if so... hi! :)

Wow , RUN IT !

oops... dnt read this.. got to the Revamp

<strong> Jan 22, 1998 cont</em>

When she'd said later, <a href="">I</a>knew that I had better <em>run.</em>

Throughout the day I went from class to class, weaving my way hurriedly though the crowds of students who were happily enjoying their life in high school to make sure that i wouldn't run into <a href="">Asia </a> and, or <a href="">Kamyn</a>.

While I sat in the front of each class only half listening to anything that came out of any of my teacher's mouths, I watched the clock placed at the top center of the blackboard intently.


<em>Cant be late.</em>


Just Run <a href="">Nani</a>.

When The hands of the analog clock had finally inched their way to the 2 and 10 (2:50) and the bell sounded throughout the class room, I about bolted out of my seat only to find the two waiting just outside Mr.Bowen's American Literature class for me.

And there went that idea.

I dont quite know how log ago that was but they were still kicking.

<em>And kicking.</em>

and kicking....

I needed to get home.

I almost heard Asia rush Summer to hurry up as I felt my worn Chuck Taylor's and baggy pants being pulled over my hips and from my legs as i bleeped in and out of consciousness. Had I been a little more coherent at the time...

I would have tried to protect myself from that part.


The cold air of the school's air conditioning system plus that cold bathroom floor massaged my burning skin when I was finally free of them.

Heels clicked on tiles around me until they made a halt in front of my face just before Bree leaned down to nicely whisper harsh words, as if the beating wasn't enough.

The bitxh...

"Can you hear me?!"

"What if she's dead?" Kamryn asked dumbly, kicking my leg a tad to see if she'd gouge a reaction.

"She ain't dead stupid!" Asia chuckled "She lookin right at me."

Unfortunately... Yes.. I was.

"Now.. My man's outside waiting on me... You're not going to look at him evvvver again are you?" She taunted, dragging out the word ever as if I was as stupid as she was slutty.

I cold tell she wanted me to open my mouth and talk, and I would have had she not kicked her heel into what was probably my lungs a couple minutes earlier.

Tired of waiting on me to reply and eager to get to "her man" i guess, Bree and Sasha dawned their expensive coats that they'd laid on Junior Wroth's fake marble sinks, and sashayed on out of the bathroom.

Leaving me to the pain they'd inflicted and the darkness that consumed me soon after.

Shoulda did this yesterday... but oh well!

there will be at least 2 more adds today.... not old....

uhhh... thanks?? lol

Addin soon..

i'm only on chapter five and i'm hooked on your story girl ... except for the occasional typo, your writing is incredible RunIt!

Run it

run this

Asia don't jump out of your f*cking body.... I beat your ass PLENTY of times in the story. Beat that ass so bad you were sore. AND took them clothes!

Yeah, them hoes gon' beat my ass. SO f*cking what! I been beating that ass though!

One lost? WOW........

I'm still #winning


Run it

MM hmmmm beat the hoe!


That sounds Iike something my bestfriend would do with her crazy self lol it's good to have friends like that to have your back when you're down...I liked that add though