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he sexy

Posted by kraft girl noel


YOU BOTH ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS CAN YOU TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have loaded his azz in my car and vamped out if he grabb'd my hand best believe it!!!!

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

both of them fine as hell you was lucky to get this picture

look at Chris Breezy and his homeboii Bow Weezy lookin' all sexii


this is a tight picture!! dangg how you get this one for real? lol thats a NICE ONE.

&& i must be that ebony chica

man just give me a few seconds wit chris in the bed and he'd haveholes all in the wall

this was on my b-day...DEC.19th...

bow wow iz hot... but he aint got nuthin on my baby chris!!!!!!! if i had 24hrs wit u!!!!!! BOI!!!! umm...ummm.......

~*i luv someone who doesn't kno it yet*~

I wish that could be me that he was singin to. All i need is a couple hours wit him, i swear he would be all mine. Let me take you out, i'll but you lunch and WE can chill at the beach, lake, pond.... wherever, just let me be with you!!! mmmm-hmmm