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Tickets On Sale this Friday . No Money -___-

So Ok I Got Paid A Week Ago And I Wanted To Get My Tattoo. But I Already used My Money. So I Asked My mom To Let Me Borrow 80 Dollars because Thats How Much it Costed. So i Made A Deal If We Do That, That ill Give Her My Whole Check She Said Fine. Then Come To Find Out AFTER Everything Is Done, Chris Brown Tickets Go On Sale This Friday For The Mohegan Sun And Ima Be Broke. I Asked My mom If Shes Getting Tickets And Shes Like "Dont Start!' So Im Like This ---> :o O.O :/ :'( Ima Cry If I Dont Go To His Concert Like ALOT. && I Heard This Is His Last Concert Here. i NEED A miracle ! like NOW


I am so happy that Chris Brown is coming to the mohegan sun. I will be getting my tickets tomorrow when they go on sale..... :} Loving Chris Breezy Music.. <3<3<3

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