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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



damn smh! lool

thank you



I Aint like Chris but Good Story.!

Okay, I'm done following you if you gon' act like that.

*rolling eyes smiley*


10/10 for plot

8/10 for originality

9/10 for characters

9/10 for relatable situations

9.5/10 overall story.


thanks guys :)!!!

AND OK @ash.


So, this was crazy af.

Just when shid started to get a little better, Tracy psychotic ass comes along.

She's crazier than Chris ass is.

And the crazy b*tch killed Cali AND Lauren.

Psychotic b*tch. She needs to be put to rest. And I mean by the death penalty.


Buuuut, this was a great story. So, good job.

A lot of lessons were learned from this........

I cant believe that I missed 2 chapters. Im surprised Chris killed <em> <strong> BOTH </strong> </em> of his parents. His dad, I expected but not his mom too. Martin and Cali finally got a divorce. It's good that Chris and Cali talked together. (CB probably really does eat pussy. Look at <a href=""> that tongue! </a> ;) Lol) Now I was shocked as s*** to find out this b**** Tracy was crazy and she killed Lauren. IDGAF what happens, im never gettin a social worker or anyone like her! Martin was right. Chris boo you got some things to think about. But I love all your stories :)

All I can say right now is

I shall return for further comments...

I edited that to the best of my ability to try to correct typos!

DISCLAIMER: umm... i hope aint nobody gonna be mad but im bout to end this sht right here in this next chapter, im tired of writing to it and wanna focus on my other stories so if u think it end stupid, dumb, whateva its because at this point i've lost interest in this story and I dont give a fck lol

29.) contd...

I called my mom and I calmed down and I decided to go see chris. Once I got to his house I decided to eat dinner with him. We sat at the table quiet for a second. "im sorry for calling you later with my problems" I said to him . He looked up at me and sighed "I umm..I didn't have a good day today either..." He said. He grabbed my hand and looked in my eyes "Ill tell you about mine if you tell me about yours" He said. I laughed a lil..and then got serious again. "atleast you smiled" He said. I smiled again and looked down a lil. He lifted my face with his finger and looked at me. "tell me.." He said softly. "chris you already know that martin left...thats the only thing" I said. "oh...cali I dont know how to really approach that situation because I thought you were gonna get a divorce anyway..." I said.

She broke down in tears "I got so used to slipping around and it finally hit me that, I did need him in my life and I didn't want him to leave... chris Im just so confused right now, I don't know how to handle all of this... I love him" She said with tears rolling down her face. She sighed as I whipped her tears "and....I love you" She said looking at me. I didn't want to jump for joy while this was a sad moment but my heart was doing cartwheels and singing loud. I tried my hardest not to smile. "I love you 2...and im here for you whenever you need me" I said. She nodded her head and I kissed her tears away softly. We looked at each other and we shared a passionate intimate kiss. One kiss lead to another and the next thing I know he was eating me like no tomorrow. I loved the way he please my body even though all I could think about was how confused I was. I know chris only wanted to be there for me but It really only made this heartache even harder.

After we made love he kissed my lips and hugged me tight wrapping his arms around my waist. "I want u to kno that im not rushing you into anything and that Im here for you... I respect whateva your decision is going to be from here on, I love you so much cali" He said. I turned and looked at him in his eyes. "thank you chris..." I said. He kissed my forehead "ur welcome...I meant that, lets get some shut eye" He said. I turned back around and fell asleep in his arms thinking about everything from my life then to now. What a major difference.I never thought that I'd be in chris's arms. Was this right or wrong? Maybe... I'll never know.

30.) I woke up with my mind refreshed and renewed. I felt like after the shower my soul had been lifted up off of me. I went into my closet and decided to wear <a href=",r:14,s:20&tx=21&ty=62"> this </a> and keep it simple. It was nice weather here in texas. I turned on the tv and then saw it was on the news. I popped open some sour path straws and screwed up my face because the taste I had from brushing my teeth didn't mix with this candy. I walked back in forth from my room to other parts of my house trying to find something my check stubs. I was off today and happy. I had been working a lot since I had that got those manager poisons at wal mart. Its crazy how they still accepted me after all that crime sht. I think they be watching me lowkey though.

Reporter- Sofia (ithink i named her that) and David Brown was found MURDERED in there own home! Witness say that he heard a huge argument coming from the home and then multiple ground shots minutes after. Whoever it was had to have a motto and police is doing everything that they can to find who would do such a tragic thing. Our condolences go out to the brown family.

I stood there frozen, and the started to gather up all of my stuff. I had to get out of here. I called cali on the phone and she wasn't picking up. I put my phone down and started rumbling around trying to get as much as possible and thats when I heard the door bell ring. Everything stopped and I looked and walked out of my room with my gun. I heard more knocks as I got closer and closer to the door. I looked into the peephole and couldn't see anyone. I tried looking out the window but I couldn't see anyone. I heard my phone go off in my room causing me to jump. I walked slowly back to my room and saw a text message saying <cite> "im at your up " </cite>. I texted her back <cite> " are you sure thats you?" </cite> thats when she called me. "open the door silly..." Tracy said. I went toward the door with my gun in my hand and once I opened it I aimed it toward her. She jumped "chris its meee" I sighed and put my gun down stepping aside to let her in.

"what is going on chris?" she said closing my door and locking it. I sighed and walked back to my room and ignored her. "so your going to ignore me like that chris?" She asked. "what do you want?...why are you here?" I asked her packing my stuff. She screwed her face up. "I have to have a reason to come over here now?" She asked. I sighed and continued. "where are you going?" She asked. "I have to leave..." I said finishing up. "leave to go where? why are you taking all those clothes and that luggage chris what the fck is going on?" She said getting a lil worried. "TRACE! (I stopped what I was doing) You not my women so what I do shouldn't matter and dont be questioning me like that!" I said going back to what I was doing. She looked at me with hurt in her eyes "I just thought we were able to tell each other everything...damn chris I know you don't want me yes I know that but Im only concerned because I care..." She said. "well im leaving...I have to go.." I said.

She took my face and held it close to hers. "are you going to be okay?" She asked me. " going to be fine" I said looking back into her eyes. She moved her face closer to mine and kissed me. I kissed her back. She tugged at my pants and grabbed my dck through my jeans and moaned in my mouth. I moaned back and she started caressing it. She bit my lip and I looked at her. I wanted dat pussy bad but I couldnt. "I gotta go tracy, sorry" I said backing up. She sighed. "Im sorry this wasn't planned and you know if I didn't have to go I would but I can't.." I said. She nodded and sat on my bed "what are you gonna do with the house?" She asked. "Ima get to all that later... " I said. "chris... I love you" She said looking me . "I love you 2 tracy" I said back but I wasnt in love with her. She smiled and hugged me. "ima miss you.." She said. "ima miss you 2, i gotta go iight.." I said walking her to the front door. "okay...bye" she pecked my lips again and i closed the door. I sighed and then got my things together ready for me to leave. I didn't even know where I was going. I had to get to cali someway and take her with me.

... Tracy

I waited for chris to leave his apartment. I didn't understand really where he was headed but I was gonna find out. I took a hair pin out of my hair and a tweaser and used it to open up his door. I got into his house and looked around to see what he left. I knew chris had a safe and I used to watch him put the code in all the time without him knowing. I got it opened and saw over 14 grand. I jumped up for joy. I heard some foot steps coming up the steps and then hid in the closet. I was breathing hard but had to remain quiet. I heard footsteps enter chris's room and then I heard him ramblin in the safe.


"WHAT THE FCKKKKK" I looked at the safe that was full last night, empty. I didn't understand someone had to be in here because money dont have legs and can move on its own. I had to think about who was in my house, the only person I could think of was cali last night but I was to busy breakin her back and then tracy this morning but I left after tracy so I knew it couldn't of been her. I took my gun out and c**ked it aiming it to nothing in particular. I took in a deep breath and said "if your in here, lets just be smart and just give me what belongs to me... I don't mind taking no one's life." Just then I saw some movement coming from my closet. I walked up to it and tracy popped out. "TRACY WHAT THE FCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE? I THOUGHT YOU LEFT" I screamed and kept my gun aimed at her. I looked at her hand with my bag on money. "GIVE ME MY SHT... TRACY" I said. She laughed evilly " are such a confused person!, you thought I was really in love with you?" She said starting to move closer to me. "BACK UP!" I said waving my gun at her. She pulled out her gun and c**ked it. "WHAT...CHRIS, YOU GONE SHOOT ME 2? AND KILL ME LIKE YOU KILLED EVERYONE ELSE?" She yelleD. "You dont know sht so shut the fck up, I dont want to have to shoot you tracy just give me my money so I can go..?" I said. "Why such the rush? killed your parents perhaps? annddd her " She said throwing pictures of cali in a pool of blood at her. I grew tears instantly and looked up at tracy.

She laughed again loudly thinking the sht was crazy. "I saw her this morning coming from your house, ya I planned on stopping by to kill her in your face but then I thought...nahh that would be sooo heart breaking" She started laughed and I started to pull the trigger. "im sorry chris but the lil btch was stopping my shine...trying to get next to you...had to do it" Tracy said. Me and cali just had a conversation about how we were gonna try to make it work last night which broke my heart the most. I let a couple of tears fall. She shook her head "I knew you were gonna always been a lil sissy, just like your fcking family, I knew you would kill your parents so I didn't have to do that but I did have to get that lil BTCH LAUREN THOUGH!" She said. I gripped my gun and fired and she ducked "BTCH" I yelled. She pistol whipped me causing me to hit the ground. My vision was blurry and I cough up blood right on my floor. I felt her kicking me. "You stupid btch...THIS IS MY SHOW!!" My vision was sooo blurry I couldnt see really hear or see what was going on.

"FREEZE" I Heard some yell. I tried my best to look to see who it was and it was <a href=",r:24,s:0">him </a> . "MARTIN... I was coming your way next but since you didn't have sht to do with chris I just thought about ur wife instead" I watched them as they fought. He was beating the hell outta her and she started firing and the bullets where going everywhere I struggle to get to mine and once I had it BOOM! I looked up and saw tracy on the floor with blood coming from her head. Martin looked at me breathing hard. I looked at him and then put my head down and my mind left.

... <cite> Hours later </cite>

I woke up to beaming light in my face. I looked around and saw I was hook up to iv's and sht. I looked and saw martin starring at me. "what...what happened?" I asked him. "I should of shot yo btch ass even though you saved my life but that doesnt take up for my wife being dead... we probably would of made things right if it wasnt for you... (he snickered and shook his head) you know she used to be sooo in love... (tears started to fall) and I felt like the most luckiest man on earth to have her..but things started to change from that one time she called ur was over then, I didn't have the courage to leaave right away.. but just know that it was my plan to get a final divorce so that you can finally have her dawg. Your father fcked up real bad with teaching yo morals and how to approach relationships period. I don't know you but I can see right through you. You didn't have to take the route that you chose but It was only yourself controlling yourself. What you witness around your surrounds DOESNT MAKE WHO YOU ARE. YOU CONTROL YOURSELF. I hope that this will teach you a lesson that you shouldn't be so caught up in <strong> <cite> ..* Yellow Roses n Material Things <3 </cite> </strong> because this life doesnt revolve around chris and the sht that he wants and also doesn't replace the hurt and love that you try to make up for.... (he laughed) I know all the sht you brought because I knew I couldnt afford it, do you really think that, that would of made her love you even more and forget the pain you cause us all ? JUST BECAUSE IT WORKED FOR YOU?" He said shaking his head laughing. "you deserve everything thats coming your way because if it wasnt for you my life would be so much better, but I thank God for you because you...he makes your enemies your stepping stool, to bad you didn't take advantage of yours...instead this is how you ended up, almost dead...good luck" martin said and walked out.

I sat there unable to say anything in return while I watched him walk out. Everything he said was right, I was dumb and stupid and I deserved to be dead... how could being a well put together young boy turn into a monster! I guess I was still that lil boy inside that was still hurt from all the pain I witnessed. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make everything right. At this point I didn't have anyone so its too late. I guess all of the nice things I tried to keep up with, caught up to me... cant be too sure about <strong> Yellow Roses n Material Things <3 </strong>

<strong> THE END!! </strong>

MORAL: <cite> Yellow Roses n Material Things, can't buy you love no mater what the situation is and that's how Lauren and Chris grew up. Realizing that the things they valued were the only things that made them really happy. Thats when they got the big head and everything changed from then on. </cite>

Martin pretty much summed up the moral and what chris basically tried to do! I hope something out of this story you were able to grasp and learn something or atleast open your eyes to make you wiser in whateva are necessary.!

AUTHORS NOTE: I dont know if you would call this a short story or whateva but its over lol
I want to thank all the faithful and non faithful readers for giving my story a chance! I am satisfied with how it turned out and I hope you did and if you didnt then I have better stories out there

Such as: <a href="">...* AbNormal <3 </a>

<a href=""> Relationships 101 <3 </a>

<a href=""> Picture Perfect.. (No frame pt 2)</a> PART 1 LINK INCLUDE INSIDE SECOND STORY!

<a href=""> Have No Fear (finished) </a>

Thanks again! xoxo - <cite> Keria </cite>

lol smh ikr

Cali stay not knowin what she want
I don't blame Martin for leaving
She I would leave too if I were him
Cali know she want Chris...
Hell, Chris know it too


thinking of what to type lol


I walked into my house and saw martin sleep. I pecked his lips causing him to wake up. I smiled and he got up staring at me. "hey babe, long night?" I asked him. "yea..pretty much what about you?" He asked me. "It was ok... you know things aren't the same martin" I said. He nodded his head getting the crust out of his eyes. "yea...I know, they really aren't" He said. "what is it? what happened to us..?" I asked really wanting an answer. "you is what happened" He said. "what does that mean by that?" I said looking at him strange. He laughed and yawned "cali we been married for 5 years and I know you inside and out... I started noticing changes these last 4 months, your perfume is different your clothes, your underwear...everything about you is different...your not the same wife that I married." He said.

My heart sank when he said those words. "I am the same person martin what are you talking about?" I said. He laughed again looking at me "he buys you a lot of nice things huh, because I see you come back with almost something new everyday on or some expensive sht that I know I can't afford and you come in here lying saying you got promotions and sht from ya job, I call your job and you haven't had a promotion since 2 years you wanna know what the fck happened to us...IT WAS YOU! YOU!" He started to yell. "MARTIN DON'T YELL AT ME" I said yelling back. He got up out the bed and faced in front of me. "I can't believe I married you...someone like you" He said shaking his head as tears fell down. "why couldn't you just tell me u weren't happy? Martin said letting his tears fall. "martin I love you.." I said now crying. "THATS BULLSHTTT...YOU WOULDN'T BE TRYING TO FILE A DIVORCE IF YOU LOVED ME" Martin said.

I sighed and continued to let my tears drown my face "I just feel like we need a break thats all never told me that you had a std..." I said. "BTCH DONT YOU DARE SIT HERE AND ACT LIKE I GAVE YOU AN STD, YOU GAVE IT TO ME YOU PROBABLY GOT IT FROM THAT NIGGA CHRIS" He said yelled. Every word he said punched me right in my heart. "im gone cali...if you wanna fck around and be with that nigga then go ahead, you just dont understand....I love you cali with all of my heart and it toook me 4 fcking months to have the courage to done" He said whipping his tears. "its obvious that you were thinking about it anyway because u want a divorce right?....well u got one" he said throwing his ring and I ducked looking at him like he was crazy! He started to walk out and I ran after him crying and he ignored me and slammed the door in my face. I was so hurt and didn't know how to explain my feelings.

I decided to call chris and he picked up on the third ring "hey baby" He said answering. "dont call me that...martin just left me" I cried harder. The video was silent for a while until I broke the silence. "chris we can't do this thing anymore...I need to be with martin" I said. "cali listen to how you sound man.." I said. "chris...just" he cut me off and said "just what? you confusing me...I thought this is what you wanted? man ion have time for you to be fcking wit my feelings you either down or not" he said hanging up on me. I looked at my phone. At this point he was right I wasnt gonna continue to fck wit his feelings, I needed to get sht right with martin. I must admit that I was having mixed emotions and I didnt even know what was gonna happen from this point on in my life. I was in the worst shape then I have ever been emotional. I sighed to myself and tried to call martin more then once but he kept sending me straight to voice mail. I definitely needed a support system to help me right now because I was about to lose it so I decided to call my mom.

My I got side tracked by studying and trying watch tv and all that other sht lol soorryyy ill more maybe tomorrow


wooow chris snapped AGAIN.!!!
i actually thought he was gonna
kill himself aftee he s*** his mom
or when he left tracy...smh
#ImStrange lol

sorry bree...


I am VERY speechless right now.

I can't believe he killed his parents.

I thought I would be happy about that, but weirdly I'm not.

I guess I have feelings after all!

This shid is getting crazier and crazier.

When I was reading this, my mouth dropped.

Idk why Chris surprises me when he shouldn't.

He needs help, but there's no helping him now.

He has officially went crazy. I did get mad at that letter David sent him like that was going to make up for what he did!

Well, it wasn't..... And I'm getting a really bad vibe right now smh....

And Tracy, smh... she's in love with this psycho.

I have no words for her at all, but be smart and be careful.

I don't know what else to say, but run it.

28.) "noo chrrissyyy" Lauren whined. "you cant always get ur way" I said to her. She folded her arms. "I can have what I want chrissy, mommy and daddy said it" She said. I shook my head "no you can't have everything you want.." I said. "but daddy always buys us gifts and stuff..." She said. "yea I know..." I said. "so what are you talkin about?" She said questioning me. She mad me feel stupid for a second because she was right. All we had to do was sit around and do dumb sht get beat for it and then we got presents.

I shook my head reflecting on the past and had a package in the front of my door. I looked at it and it was from my dead beat ass dad. I didn't give 2 shts what it was but I decided to open it anyway. I opened it and it was a picture in a frame of me and lauren when we were kids. MY heart sank and tears started to form by looking at what my life was. Lauren was the only female that I really adored and cared about and now that was gone. Cali was amazing but she would never take the special place I held in my heart for lauren. I thought about the day I let her walk out mcdonalds and I could of stopped her. THat was the day our relationship changed, we were never the same after that. I started mistreating her...for what? and then she started mistreating me. I wanted my sister back, I wanted to tell her how sorry I was. I looked at the note that was in the box with the picture and it read.

Dear son...

I know I didn't always make the right decisions in life with you or your mother or lauren and I apologize for it. Me and your mother are re-kindling our old flame and maybe getting back together. I know that this is a tough time because lauren is gone and you miss her. Well we all miss her son and just know that your not the only one hurting chris. I love you bye..

Love dad.

I soaked the letter with tears. How the fck good he write this sht like everything between me and him was gucci? I really didn't give too shts about him and my mom getting back together maybe their crazy asses belong together. I whipped my tears with the back of my hand and got my things and headed over to my moms house. Once I got there I opened the door and saw them fcking on the couch. "come on over here chris..." my dad said. I charged him and started punchin him. My mom was screaming and yelling for me to stop but my adrenalin was rushing so bad that I didn't hear sht she said. I walked right back into when I was a lil kid and had to witness this sht. "CHRISSS STOPPP ITTT" My mom yelled.

My father and I was tossing and turning on the floor hitting eachother and then I reached in my sock and pulled out my gun and sht him in the arm. "CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" I looked up and noticed what I done and then pointed the gun at my mom and dad was standing up now holding his arm. "sonn...put the gun dowwn..." My dad yelled. I kept moving the gun back in forth facing it at my mom and dad. "chrisss please...I am sorry, for everything I have done...please dont shoot" My mom said with tears streaming down her face. Tears started to stream down my face "SHUT UPPPP, YALL DONT LOVE ME ....OR LAURENNN YALL TORTUED USSS, YALL LET HER GET RAPED AND THEN YALL DIDNT EVEN COME TO THE HOSPITAL BUT CAN COME TO THE FUNERAL, WHAT TYPE OF SHT IS THAT? HUH WHAT KIND OF SHT ISS THATT??" I held point the gun and waving it. "chris we did what was best for u and lauren" My dad said. I sniffed and took in a deep breath "well im about to do whats best for me and lauren..." I said with a cold heart and shot my dad and then heard my mom scream. "do you want to die next?" I asked her with no remorse. She fell to the ground and cried for her ex-husband to come back to live. I laughed and watched her. I got on the floor and started acting "daddd...come back...u cant be gonnee" I said fake crying. I got up and my mom moved around scared looking at me. I pointed the gun at her and then she cried even more.

"are you gone shut the fck up or what?" She said. I looked at her trying to dial 911 and I picked up her phone and smashed it into pieces. I pistol whipped her in the mouth and she cried really hard with blood coming out of her mouth. "I HAVE NO SYMPOTHY FOR YOU FCKING BTCHES YOU GUYS MADE ME THIS now you have to deal with the consequences" I said shooting my mom in the head. I stood there frozen for a minute and didnt know what to think. I started panting and breathing hard realizing what I just done. Tears came streaming down my face and I quickly left. I rused over to tracy's house banging on her door. She opened it and then looked at me funny "what is it chris?" She asked. "let me innn.." I said with a crack in my voice. I walked into her house and then she looked at me and it was silent for a couple minutes until she decided to speak.

"chris...are you okay?" she asked me. I looked and at and shook my head bursting into tears. "ii..ii..need help trace" I said. She came over to me and hugged me as I cried on her shoulder. " here,...Im here for you and you know that just calm down...everything will be fine" She said softly in my ear. I continued to cry. Everything in my world was crumbling down. Theres was really no left for me to be here either. My mom and dad who never did sht for me were finally gone, I made bree commit suicide, I killed a girl, raped 42, went to jail, killed tyga, and now Cali's afraid of me. There was nothing left on this earth for me. I looked up at tracy and looked at her suspiciously. "why are you looking at me life that?" She asked me. "why are you so nice to me tracy?" I asked her wanting an immediate answer. "because I fell in love with you...but ur not in love with me back(saying that softly) BUT thats fine (going back to regular voice). I continued to stare at her. I wasnt sure about why she had always been there for me when no one else was. Why didn't she think I was a freak like everyone else or why didn't she think I was worthless to?. "whats wrong...what did you do?" She asked me. "I ummm...(I sighed). I thought about telling tyga when I raped tiara and stopped because I didn't know if I could fully trust tracy. Trusting people was the last thing I knew how to do. Especially with my heart. I guess changing wasn't really gonna happen for me. I was a wreck...

"nothing..." I shook my head and whipped the tears that dried on my face. "there has to be something chris, you cant continue to hold all of this in because one day your gonna blow and thats not good.." Tracy said. I looked at her and then up and down slowly. "how does it feel like to be in love" I asked her truthfully. "Chris...when your like this, I feel ur pain...when your smiling I enjoy and experience your happiness with you, when your mad I wanna hurry and find out who did it so I can whoop they ass and when you touch me...well when you touched me, it wasn't making love but I still enjoyed it because it was with you and those intense looks you give me with those beautiful brown eyes tell me a million stories over and over again and I just couldn't stop thinking about you, your always on my mind non-stop...I try not to bug u because I know you dont feel the same and I know I was hard on you before but I fell in love with your good, your bad, in love with your everything...In love with you and especially the little things that you do...thats how I know chris" She said. I looked at her and looked down. She took my chin and faced me toward her and leaned in for a kiss until I stopped her and said "I shouldn't play with ur sorry" "shhh..." She said kissing me.

We shared a passionate kiss and I deepened it with all of me. I pushed her back a lil laying her body on the couch and started roaming my hands around her body. She moaned in my mouth making me want it. There was no turning back now. She was about to get it. I got images of what my sister could of been doing and then stopped. I sat up and stared at tracy. "chris...please talk to me...your scaring me" She said worried. "i..I gotta go tracy, Im sorry" I said getting up and walking out. She called me one more time but I ignored her and left. I got into my car and then drove off. I was literally about to lose my mind. I knew I wasnt myself now a days, hell I wasn't even sure who I was anymore. I was sick and tired of feeling this way. I got home and got into a nice hot tub and closed my eyes. I let my mind wonder to where ever it wanted to go. I needed to start thinking of ways to let my emotions escape in a good way. But how?

Once I got out the tub, I lotioned my body and got dressed. I checked my phone and it was messages from tracy basically encouraging me to stay strong and keep my head up and whatever it was , God was in control. What God? God has never helped me before and definitely wasn't helping me now. I was in hell and always been in it and I guess I had to get comfortable because as far as Im concerned, this is where I belonged.


im really stuck on this sht... I hate writers block :/

but ima try to add to this tomorrow

lmao bree goes hard for hers.!!

lol no biggie!

Lmao, I'm sorry I was pissed af!

But no hard feelings lol to the readers, but I become psychotic over Michael......

And I have a short temper! So, my apologies!

lmao lmao lmao @bree!

thanks guys!

Lmao, I apologize but I get crazy af when it comes to Tyga.

I got mad for real lmao........

LMAO, that shid ticked me off when I read the comments.

I was ready to fight everybody in this post LMAO!!!!




I'm done NOW lmfao!


My motherf*cking boyfriend died >:( and these b*tch ass hoes wanna cheer??????

Lol, Idgaf right now about shid!



F*ck all of you weak pussy b*tches , with a soggy, wrinkly d*ck :)


Who gon' whoop me?????!!!!!!!!!!!

RUN THIS SHID!!!!!! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!! I am seriously mad af! NO LIE.