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-A Night With Chris Brown ... 2/26

Title::A Night With Chris Brown
Birth:: December 24, 2011 9:00pm estrn
Inspiration:: the video on youtube when chris gives the girls lap dances from his concert.

- - - -

"Okay Nia. This is your last gift. It's kinda a christmas & birthday gift me and your dad put together. "

"We hope u like it baby. Merry Christmas" my parents said to me as I said in the livingeoom opening my gift.


LaNia" my mom called out for me

"huh" I replied

"are u done?"

"nope. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yall are the best parents in the world.! yall.. I gotta go call my girls this is surreal.!

I screamed again running upstairs. To my room to call my to bestfriend on 3way.
Small cast
Need 2 best friends
And choose trey or tyga.


i really love this story. i just got caught up on it. so i hope u do continue this story. nae is crazy. i just love her.


should i ???

can we bring this back

Run it.!

Run IT!

Run it

lol runit

Run it plllllleeeeeaaaase.!

LMAO at Nae running to her "husband" TREY lol. She crazy, They too cute together love them. So why they wanna walk on the beach for, very romantic tho. Loved the add. Welcome back glad you added. RUN IT!!!

Just had to test it out


"so how was dinner?" <a href="">Chris</a>

"it was great" I said as we heard the door open

"man I smell potatoes, steak, greens, and yams. Whats sup??"
<a href="">he</a>

"OHHH JESUS! My husband" <a href="">Renee</a> said running towards him. Giving him a hug

He laughed. "What's sup ma." He asked moving her hair by her collarbone

"ofcourse ya wife got it" she said as me and Chris laughed.

"look at you" he said walking towards <a href="">me </a> "you look tired as shiit"

"that I am " I said.

"what's going on papa dukes (hood dad)" he said giving Chris dap "twins man, blessing"

"yes. It is. Man it is." Chris replied. "how about we walk on the beach?"

Run it




Continue ?

Run It !

Update soon

run it fat head.!

lol @killahbee.. im sorry. hahaha hope u still like

Lol.Im mad I gotta be the dumbass broad in this story...But run it.

Aww that was soo cute RUN IT!

Thanks Readers :)

i love your comments update today.!!!

keep running it

chris better tell my man im in cali and
he better come see me and lay it on me.!

but anyway im glad chris apologized to my
bestie and idgaf about rihanna having an
attitude its not nia's fault she's fertile and
your not lol

RUN IT.!!!

I missed a lot! Its f***ed up Kyannah did that s*** for Fame. You're an irrelevant factor once the babies are born. They gonna be after Nia babe. Boo-boo for you. Its a good thing that Chris apologized. Rihanna is pissed. Boo-boo for you too! The babies are doin well that's great. And their birthday is 3 days after mine :). Lol Update Soon

LOL I love Nae she's pure comedy. I'm glad Chris apologized and is being nice to LaNia and excxited about being a father he even got Tyga in on ish making him the god father already lol. I can't wait till Nae sees Trey again lol. She crazy bout him. Run It. There in Cali baby.

Awwwwwwwwww run it

tht was a cute asz add!!!


"WOAH WOAH WAIT A MIN WOAH WAIT A MIN so you telling me she told word up magazine that she made a story about you being chris brown babymom so she can look out for chris best intrest" she asked as we was on the plane to california. i wiped my forehead hyperventalating " nia stop hyperventilating"

" nigga how you gonna tell me to stop every since aaliyah died i been scared of planes. but i mean i feel like she just did it so she can get some FAME you know a hot 5. but she did it for his intrest. u know she got paid 800 dollars because of it." i said shaking my head

" are you serious. i guess she did it for the money and the hot 5 fame" nae said laughing

" nigga that aint funny. if thats the case why didnt she tell about you getting trey songs tattooed on you

" because for the simple fact that she wouldnt get that much money. look you are CHRIS BROWNS BABYMOM there are seeds inside of you. nigga all i got is a artist name on me... she would of prolly got 400 dollars for it and fame for a day. nigga they gonna be talking about you for weeks. and it wont stop. when u get bigger everywhere u go. people gonna be taking pictures of you. when u have the baby you gonna be on the news again. its gonna be about what the baby looks like and is it chris." she said as i looked at her crazy " oh yea nigga u was a GROUPIE who got pregnant by a sexy ass singer. is that really his baby. they gonna be questioning you on all of that"

" omg thats crazy. so basically kyannah should be the least of my worries right now"

" not really because we still gotta handle it. but their is bigger things to think about. what about rhianna?" she said looking at me

" i really dont give 2 fuucks about that girl"

" i dont either. but just know im here for you even when u dont need me" she said which made me laugh

" lmao i love u nae" i said

" i love you too nia" she said as the plane landed. we walked through the airport and got our bags as a limo pulled up. a guy took our bags and put them in the trunk while opening the door for us to get in.

we got in and i seen him looking back at me smiling. my knees got weak. good thing i was sitting down. he looked so handsome. and a rush came over me. but shouldnt i be mad at him, shouldnt i have hate for him. but honestly i really glad to be around.

" yall warm" he said laughing

" and nigga your cold" nae said smiling

" naw mama it cali. we dont have that ohio weather here" he said looking at me " how you doing" he asked me

" im fine" i said a nae tugged on me

" can i do it now" she asked as i gave her a approving nod


" First off i wanna thank you for being the real and true friend. Second of all LaNia i really wanna apologize. i know i hurt u and i didnt mean it. it's like when im around you i dont see nobody else.-" he said getting cut off

" so u saying u dont see me" nae said as we started laughing

" yes mama i see you. but you know what im tryna say. when i seen you in the crowd their was something about you that made me grab u. your conversation made me want more from you. i wanted to be that special person for you that night on your birthday. you make my mind numb where i dont think straight so rhianna wasnt a thought in my mind. but when she actually did come to mind. i knew i couldnt keep leading you on. i know what i did wasnt right and i know the speech isnt gonna make up for the actual pain i caused you but i really want you to know that i do apologize and hopefully we can start over. i mean i am going to be in your life forever now" he said to me smiling

" AWW dammn that nigga cheating. you know u sexy as hell you cant be apologizing and smiling like that.!!! nobody can be mad at you" nae said as we started laughing again.

" yes chris i do forgive you" i said giving him a hug " so have you talked to rhianna?"

" no everysince kyannah come out with this news i been tryna call her but she wouldnt answer. i know she hurt right now for the simple fact that i been wanting a baby for a while and rhianna could never get pregnant. so now that is going around that i got a girl from ohio pregnant with not only one baby but 2 i know she freaking out. but i mean it is what it is. these are my kids" he said as the car came to a stop . we got out the limo and walked up to this buliding

" hello Mr. Brown you can go on back the docotor is waiting for you" the receptionist said to him as we followed him back we walked into the room and seen Tyga and the doctor sitting down

" hey breezy. hey LaNia" he said hugging me. okayy he knows my name " congrats on the babies"

" thanks " i said "what are you doing here? " i asked him siting down

" you didnt think i wouldnt want to see my God-kids" he said smiling

" GOD-KIDS" me and nae said both at the same time looking at him and chris

" Renee the God-mom?" chris asked me

" Ofcourse she is"

" ofcourse i am" she said right behind me

" okay my boy ty the God dad duhh" he said as him and tyga laughed

" it aint that funny. quit laughing before i know yalls snapback back" nae said as me and her start cracking up

" nigga that was lame" ty said all serious faced

" anyways dr. Martin this is LaNia Daniels. and the Godmother Ranee" chris said introducing us

" hello how are you. Well LaNia if you would unbuckle you pants and raise you shirt up and lay down on the bed chair" he said as i did what i was told. " now what exactly did your doctors say to you"

" well they said i was 8 weeks pregnant carring twins. and my due date is sep 29th" i said as he put the jel on my stomach and this microphone on the jel moving it around. we looked at the screen and seen 2 lil dots moving

" aww man them is my babies. man them my kids man " chris said smiling

" wait why are they bumping into each other" i asked looking at the screen

" their probably just playing with each other. it"s nothing that serious that would caused them any harm" he said turning off the screen and wiping the jel off of my stomach" well im gonna order the forms from you doctor. i printed some pictures of the altrasound and your good to go. if you wanna make another appointment Mr. Brown u can make it or Ms LaNIa you can." he said " it was nice meeting you all" he said as he walked out. i buckled my jeans back up and lowered my shirt, than we walked out the building to the limo

" aye man where going to my crib u coming" chris asked tyga

" is my husband gonna be there?" nae asked

" and who is that" tyga asked as i shook my head no. omg why he had to ask that question

" only the most sexiest man alive. no offesnse because yall both some sexy niggas too but my husband trey songs duhh" she said showing the tattoo

" heyyy i remember when he signed that at the concert you really got it tatted" tyga asked

" ofcourse i did" renee said. " but chris you work on getting that tooken care of" she said as we got in the limo. he dapped tyga as he got in his car and chris got in. we was just looking at each other smiling.

" you see where one night gets you" nae said laughing

" yep. only one night" chris said as the drive drove to his house